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A Man Holds The Paw Of The Dog In The Park In The Summer At Suns

Shake! Teaching your dog to give a paw

Published by Aileen Stevenson
Teaching your dog to give a paw is a simple, fun trick which, as well as looking cute, also has […]
Brown Dog Running On The Grass Within an animal’s life, sequences of events from conception to death, influence and develop the individual physically & mentally.  During […]
Puppy Dog On Light Wooden Background. Grooming is an essential part of the care you need to undertake with your dog for their health and wellbeing. […]
Types Of Dog Training 1 Zdj.

Types and methods of dog training

Published by Roberta Bottaro
Listing all possible types of dog training is impossible. Are you a beginner who has just started to take his […]
Close Up Macro View Of A Cute Small Snout Of A Dog With Black Nose And White Fur. Pets Indoors. Dog Sleeping Although they share a thousand-year-old coexistence, men and dogs orient their interests in the world in a substantially different way. […]
Labrador On Gray Background In Studio The Clever Hans Effect is one of the most discussed topics in dog concept training. What effect is the handler […]
Portrait Of A Cute Young Small Dog Lying On The White Wood Floor Hello. Please, may I have your attention! Now I have your awareness, I can engage you into learning about how […]

Tromplo Birthday!

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
On February 19th we celebrated Tromplo’s 1st birthday! We are delighted to have you all as our students, thank you […]

Tromplo Team in Seattle, USA

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
Large group of Tromplo Instructors joined ClickerExpo in Seattle, USA! It was a great time for us to get a […]
Webinar Placeholder

Merry Christmas!

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
Tromplo online training platform We all waited, we all counted days… Christmas is just around the corner! We wish you […]