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Managing Aggressive Dog Behavior: Tips for Peaceful Living Living with an aggressive dog may seem challenging, but it can be peaceful and manageable with the right approach. One […]
online puppy training is better Most of the puppy guardians know that they need to train their puppy. But not every puppy will thrive in […]
How to build dog's trust? The power of trust and relationship Trust and relationship are two factors that are still not very often mentioned in the dog world and especially within […]
dog's attention Hello. Please, may I have your attention! Now I have your awareness, I can engage you in learning about how […]
perfect harness Shopping for dog’s stuff is my second biggest passion after dog sports. I find myself always in the pursuit of […]
muzzle training Make your dog wearing a muzzle can be sometimes controversial. Some people argue that you are abusing your dog or […]
4 Getting a puppy is often a time of great excitement and expectations of days filled with cute, joy.  It is […]
How to teach a dog to give paw

Shake! How to teach a dog to give paw?

Published by Aileen Stevenson
Teaching your dog to give a paw is a simple, fun trick which, as well as looking cute, also has […]

Tromplo Team at Woof 2019!

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
Some members of Tromplo Tutors had a chance to meet at a wonderful conference organized by Chirag Patel in Nottingham – […]

Welcome to Tromplo World!

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
Welcome to Tromplo World! We are happy to see you here! Tromplo is an online training platform dedicated to animal […]