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Can you learn animal training online? Is this really possible?

YES! Not only is it possible, but also it is one of the most effective and efficient ways to learn. You start training in the best possible environment for your dog or cat - at your home. Online animal training courses allows us to adjust the criteria individually for each learner.

What do our students think about online animal learning?

„An easy access to work, learn and train with "aggressive" or "anxious" dog. This is the most important thing for me, and I could not appreciate it more right now. I can imagine that even if you go to the seminar with a "normal" dog, you can meet theirs or your limitations - sickness, being tired, just having a "bad day." With online learning, you can choose your own time to train. Also, I think online learning gives opportunities to share more of the better quality knowledge at the same price as seminars. There is no necessity to use mental shortcuts, labels, or generalization because everyone has more time to process the knowledge.”

- Agnieszka Rybicka

„Having access to world-class instructors to learn new perspectives and techniques and being able to engage with an amazing global community in a more affordable and planet-friendly format.”

- Amy Suess Loup

„Online format typically facilitates training plans =Think Plan Do Review training. I can prepare and plan my training environment for my dog for each session. This is not as easy in an in-person seminar or class setting.”

- Amy Suess Loup

„for the same price than a weekend seminar (without transports fees), you have the same amount of knowledge, but a longer time to process (need that to have questions but also to work my dog) and a way longer feedback from the instructors. And you can have access to instructors who live very far away, and you'd never have an opportunity to work with (or with some huge expenses)”

- Pauline Vidal-Boubals

Our six weeks of online courses allow you to work with one of the best instructors in the world, all from the comfort of your home. There are two levels of participation: Premium and Auditor.

Animal training courses - what our students receive?

  • 24/7 access to course materials, including lectures, video tutorials, and homework. You don't have to be present at a particular time of day. You can access materials in the most comfortable time for you! Time zones don't matter!
  • Access to TROMPLO: Students group on Facebook. Our supportive community from all around the globe!
  • Certificate of Attendance. You can brag about complexing our classes!
  • Lifetime access to course materials. You can always go back to your class, reread the lessons, watch the videos.

In addition to that Premium Spot gives you:

  • You can submit 12 minutes of videos each week for instructor evaluation! Record a video at the most convenient time for you, then publish it for the review! You can submit videos daily, allowing our team to give you helpful feedback for the next training session.
  • Personalized feedback from the instructor - you can ask as many questions as you wish! Our instructors answer daily, six days per week!

All these features make online animal training one of the best options for your animal training journey.

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