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Attention Please

Before we start teaching our learners complicated behaviors we need to teach them how to learn.

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Before we start teaching our learners complicated behaviors and advanced concepts, we need to teach them how to learn. This course focuses on building one of the most important skills our dogs need in training; focus.


But hold on a second! What is FOCUS? What does it look like? Is it tangible? How do I know I have it?


Throughout six weeks of online learning, we will answer all these questions and much more. We will operationalize attention, define focus contingency. You will learn how to build an errorless training session, how to define your learner’s focus, how to measure it and how to add layers to your work.


Based on my experience, the majority of time caregivers, handlers experience issues in training, is when they have not taught the attention contingency. Our “focus bubble.” We can’t teach anything if our animals don’t have the necessary skills of how to learn.


If your dog looks around, sniffs, doesn’t respond on cue, looks at you when should be working at a distance, engages with everything in the environment, but yourself – this course is just perfect for you.


Join me for six weeks journey! Learn about:

  • how to start the training session
  • how to end the training session
  • focus behaviors operationalized
  • clean focus loops from the start
  • wait for cue behavior
  • building easy to more complex training scenarios
  • training loops
  • backward chaining
  • antecedent arrangement
  • trainer’s mechanics
  • multiple exercises for building focus behaviors


This course is multispecies friendly! You can join with any animal you wish!


Course syllabus:

Week 1:
Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introductions
Lesson 2 – Definition and concept of focus
Lesson 3 –  Acclimation
Lesson 4 – The rules apply both ways
Lesson 5 – Outline of the course
Lesson 6 – Delivery checkpoint
Lesson 7 – Marker cues
Lesson 8 – Start of the training session


Week 2:
Lesson 9 – The end of the training session
Lesson 10 – Response to cue
Lesson 11 – Don’t call your dog


Week 3:
Lesson 12 – ABCs
Lesson 13 – Catch me if you can


Week 4:
Lesson 14 – Extinction
Lesson 15 – Wait for the cue
Lesson 16 – Sandwich style


Week 5:
Lesson 17 – Backward chaining
Lesson 18 – Break
Lesson 19 – Altogether

Week 6:
Lesson 17 – Did someone mention competition?
Lesson 18 – Competing stimulus – distractions
Lesson 19 – The end, or the new beginning?


This course is a prerequisite for Let Me Want It.

In this course, you can work with multiple animals within the weekly time frame (twelve minutes of video submission per week). 



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Reviews for this course
Janina Gmiter
2020-12-19 20:51:29

I trully recommand this course!

Fredzio is my first dog and as a novel handler, my main goal was and still is to build close, thoughtful relation with my dog...but actually I didnt know what doesit mean tome and how to make this "beautiful relation" happen. We were "loosing" each other on every walk, I did not understand "why my boy is ignoring me?

On "attention please" we were working on building our relation in ethical and systhematic way. Step by step from session to session we we were getting closer to each other. Course was very individualuzed. You do not need to rush to follow the program, Agnieszka adjusted exercises to our needs and level so we keept progressing from first to last day of the course. After 6 weeks we really keep in touch during walks...I did not expect that

2020-05-17 18:41:25

Great course that sets ground for systematic and positive approach to the training session you always dreamt about! This course is not "simply" about getting the attention of your dog during training, it's about looking at yourself and discovering all the little and big mistakes that you do as a handler and that don't allow your dogs to develop their learning skills. I should have done this course years ago! I'm amazed with the results and despite my journey just began I already see how much my dogs (and of course myself) changed their attitude towards training. 

If you're taking this course be aware that you'll need matt, kongs, several places with & without people/ dogs/ smells where you can record and train with your dogs. During Covid 19 I struggled a bit to find good/ legally open and safe places where I could train - even for such short sessions. The teacher was very supportive and provided very constructive feedback at all times. 

This is the first time I find a teacher who truly understands mutts and rescues and who respects their timing!


2020-04-14 19:43:20

An awsome basic course! I took it as an auditor, but practiced all of the excercises with my dog. The perfect step by step instructions, a perfect combination of written and video instructions helped me build my skills and in turn also a perfect attention of my dog in challenging environments. Highly recomend! 

2020-03-25 09:37:33

Great course with excercises for building engagement in training session. Also, nice introduction to ABA in animal training. I would probably have better experience as a Premium student but even as an Auditor I managed to improve my training after this course.

2020-01-15 23:51:57

Great course. My dog and I have struggled with focus and motivation and have "read all the books" but couldn't crack the code on our own.

At the end of the course I have a dog, that is happy to start work and has even started to initiate it himself when out and about.

Course material breaks it all down in manageable steps and that plus instructur feedback has given us a foundation and tools to move forward.


Lukas Maurer
2019-10-07 09:39:40

3 months after taking the course I couldn't be happier with how the training with my rescue dog Tobi has developed. Not only can we have regular focussed training sessions now that are fun for both of us and feel like something we're engaging in as a team, but also has Tobi's behavior improved in a variety of everyday situations. I already worked with +R marker training before the course, but only now that I learned more about behavior analysis and structure my training it's really starting to be effective. Introducing elements of choice and clarity has totally changed the game for Tobi and I feel empowered now to take responsibility for my training rather then blame his character for something not working the way I hoped.
I recommend this foundation course to anyone - at first I wasn't sure whether it would be the right course for us, but it was definitely the course we needed!

2019-08-12 16:44:20

Jax is a lovely dog to work with but his joy is even more noticeable now than before the course and I am thinking more about how I set up sessions. Admittedly, it has also crept into other parts of my life, the other week I had some clean laundry to fold and as I decided to do just a few items every night to make it easier to overcome the boredom of it I thought to myself: "small approximations towards the end goal of all the laundry being folded and put into the drawers"... And I have started to set up everything I need for a workout session beforehand, very neatly, making it easy to get started when it is time, just like any dog training session!

Kaitlyn Wiktor
2019-08-08 04:30:02

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to build their technical skills. As a learner, I had a very enjoyable experience. It was the perfect combination of confidence building while also really challenging me. I work in the zoo community, and I'm leaving empowered with exercises that I'll use with exotic species at work and with my pets at home. (I took it with my cats!)

Rachel Blackmer
2019-04-19 21:55:51

This was an absolutely fabulous course. It took all of the powerful basics that I know about training and gave them Ninja skills. It really was so helpful for taking my training to the next level. It also helped me understands some of the geekier aspects of training that help the really successful trainers be so successful. I highly recommend this course!
-Rachel & Seeker (6-month-old puppy)