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Attention Please

Before we start teaching our learners complicated behaviors we need to teach them how to learn.

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Before we start teaching our learners complicated behaviors and advanced concepts, we need to teach them how to learn. This course focuses on building one of the most important skills our dogs need in training; focus.


But hold on a second! What is FOCUS? What does it look like? Is it tangible? How do I know I have it?


Throughout six weeks of online learning, we will answer all these questions and much more. We will operationalize attention, define focus contingency. You will learn how to build an errorless training session, how to define your learner’s focus, how to measure it and how to add layers to your work.


Based on my experience, the majority of time caregivers, handlers experience issues in training, is when they have not taught the attention contingency. Our “focus bubble.” We can’t teach anything if our animals don’t have the necessary skills of how to learn.


If your dog looks around, sniffs, doesn’t respond on cue, looks at you when should be working at a distance, engages with everything in the environment, but yourself – this course is just perfect for you.


Join me for six weeks journey! Learn about:

  • how to start the training session
  • how to end the training session
  • focus behaviors operationalized
  • clean focus loops from the start
  • wait for cue behavior
  • building easy to more complex training scenarios
  • training loops
  • backward chaining
  • antecedent arrangement
  • trainer’s mechanics
  • multiple exercises for building focus behaviors

Course syllabus:

Week 1:
Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introductions
Lesson 2 – Definition and concept of focus
Lesson 3 –  Acclimation
Lesson 4 – The rules apply both ways
Lesson 5 – Outline of the course
Lesson 6 – Delivery checkpoint
Lesson 7 – Marker cues
Lesson 8 – Start of the training session


Week 2:
Lesson 9 – The end of the training session
Lesson 10 – Response to cue
Lesson 11 – Don’t call your dog


Week 3:
Lesson 12 – ABCs
Lesson 13 – Catch me if you can


Week 4:
Lesson 14 – Extinction
Lesson 15 – Wait for the cue
Lesson 16 – Sandwich style


Week 5:
Lesson 17 – Backward chaining
Lesson 18 – Break
Lesson 19 – Altogether

Week 6:
Lesson 17 – Did someone mention competition?
Lesson 18 – Competing stimulus – distractions
Lesson 19 – The end, or the new beginning?


This course is a prerequisite for Let Me Want It.

In this course, you can work with multiple animals within the weekly time frame (twelve minutes of video submission per week). 

This course is multispecies friendly! You can join with any animal you wish!


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Reviews for this course
Janina Gmiter
2020-10-16 08:02:58

Ok! so we will finish sessions with treat toss and I never was thinking of the functional od pay...we just dis it for fun...and well, now I see that I was doing it wrong most time. Many times its me who run after toy :P I chase Fredzio with toy very often...I need to master this skill. 

so far when I think od function od Play:

- doing sth together

- entertain Fredzio

- let him throw out excitement

-exercise him

- I was also using toy, when we were practising recall- I was throwing IT, he was running back and I was giving a cue "chodź"

So here is our first stage 3 session on flat