Lisa Longo
Lisa Longo

Behavior Analysis & Modification

An easily accessible science related course for pet owners

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2019-11-01 08:00



For dogs, cats, parrots, and so on.
Whether you share your life with a pet dog, parrot, cat, elephant or ladybug, the fundamentals of behavior analysis apply to them.

This course is specifically for owners who have a problem with their pet’s behavior.

For several weeks, you will learn to analyze and understand your pet’s behavior, but also to modify it effectively, while always respecting his well-being.

Premium participants: The homework offered each week during this course will allow you to analyze and modify your pet’s behavior “in real time”. So, to get the most out of these 6 weeks, you are advised to perform the exercises as soon as they are published.

Although all behaviors can be analyzed through functional assessment, due to their specificities, outdoor reactivity/aggression/phobia and separation anxiety will not be covered during this course (aggression indoors may be seen during this course).

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