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Sarah Owings

Control Is An Illusion Pt. 2

Opportunity to deepen their understanding of stimulus control

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Control Is An Illusion Pt. 2 – Applying Skills & Deepening Understanding

Now that you’ve learned to reframe the concept of impulse control in terms of stimulus control, and have practiced some core skills with your dogs, it’s time to fade-in more complex environmental stimuli and challenges.


The goal of this class will be to provide graduates of Pt. 1 with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of stimulus control and errorless teaching. Curriculum will be centered around the development of independent projects, but participants may also opt. to use their coaching time to complete or expand upon exercises from Pt. 1 as well, such as:

  • Three Act Training Structure with Brave Learning Self-Review
  • Bread-crumb Trail Teaching Progressions
  • Clarifying Contexts: When to Offer Behavior and When to Wait for Cues
  • Zen Bowl Games
  • Advanced Shopping
  • Joyous “Wait There” Applied to Real Life
  • Fade in Protocol

This class will have a lot less reading and step by step guidelines, and a lot more doing it for yourselves! Come prepared to set some actionable goals, to design your own training plans, and to dive headfirst into the cycle of performance—feedback—revision.


Let the brave learning begin!


NOTE: The prerequisite for Pt. 2 is Control Is An Illusion Pt. 1–JUNE 2019 GROUP. Auditors of Pt. 1 JUNE GROUP are welcome to join if you were able to keep up with the material, and feel like you and you dogs are ready for increased challenges.

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