Iris Castaing
Iris Castaing

Empowered dogs : Cooperative husbandry at the vet *PART 2*

Make vet visits more enjoyable for our dogs

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1 May 2022



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In this class, we will work specifically to have third parties perform care such as the veterinarian, osteopath or groomer.

It is intended for people who have completed Level 1 and who want to translate the techniques learned to the care done by professionals (the foundations of cooperative care will not be re-explained, your dog must master consent behaviors before entering this class).

Veterinary visits are often anxious times for our dogs and for us as well.

Knowing that your dog is going to be stressed at the clinic prompts many pet owners to postpone care. The objectives of this class will be to make these visits more enjoyable for our dogs so that their emotional well-being is also taken into account in the care, not just their physical well-being.

Among other things, we will discuss how:

  • Make clinic visits enjoyable.
  • Prepare your dog in case of hospitalization.
  • Generalize your co-operative care skills in other environments.
  • Prepare for the most common veterinary care.
  • Working with a third party.
  • Work in collaboration with your clinic.


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Alix Enault
Alix Enault
2021-08-10 10:14:39

That course give me all the keys to make consultations more peaceful. I wish I had all these tips before.