Iris Castaing
Iris Castaing

Empowered dogs: Cooperative husbandry training *PART 1*

Start cooperative husbandry training! Stress-free vet visits are possible!

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1 June 2023



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If you’ve come in here, you’ve probably never tried or have some problem with husbandry dog’s training. You should try cooperative husbandry training if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:  


➡ You struggle to groom your dog without having him mouth the brush?

➡ You can’t cut his nails?

➡ Your dog is running away as soon as you pronounce “shower”?

➡ Your dog stresses out so much at the clinic or at the groomer that he trembles, shuts down or tries to escape?

➡ You have to care for your dog and it’s complicated to do it alone at home?

➡ Your dog doesn’t like to put the collar, harness, muzzle or cone?

➡You want your dog to be stressfree and cooperate with him in all sorts of care procedures?

➡ Do you want to improve the communication with your dog, develop a trusting relationship and give him more choice opportunities and control on his life?  


If you see yourself in one of these situations, this class is made for you! Cooperative husbandry training aims to teach animals to assist in their own care. It’s an ethical and pratical choice. It is used in most zoological parks to care for wild animals avoiding restrain, anesthesia and reducing stress.


Husbandry training is part of daily enrichment programs. Through this training we give the animal the skills and the opportunities to give his consent. Giving them choice and control over their environment improves their general welfare.  


If we can draw blood from a giraffe or an orca without using force…why not do the same with our pets? Empowering our dogs in their own care not only makes it easier but also enrich our life together. You will be able to do all procedures (like nail clipping or shower) by your own, without any helper!


Some of the topics covered in this course:

  • Understanding and using science basics in husbandry training.
  • Teaching consent positions.
  • Empowerment: Understanding the importance of choice and control.
  • Behavior, consequences and functions: how to use them to converse with animals.
  • Teaching your dog the consent concept.
  • How to train your dog through various daily procedures such as handling, grooming, bathing, nails care, ears and eyes care, teeth brushing, muzzle training…
  • What to do when our dog is not ready and you have to do it. Consequences.


A second level course will be focusing on training the dog to third-party care such as the vet, the groomer, the osteopath.


Start cooperative training today! Your dog will thank you for it.



  • course lasts 6 weeks
  • lectures
  • access to other Premium member's threads
  • video tutorials
  • certificate of attendance
  • 24 hours, 7 days per week access to course materials
  • access to Tromplo: students group on Facebook
  • access to materials after the course is finished
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  • course lasts 6 weeks
  • lectures
  • access to other Premium member's threads
  • video tutorials
  • certificate of attendance
  • 24 hours, 7 days per week access to course materials
  • access to Tromplo: students group on Facebook
  • access to materials after the course is finished
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  • 12 minutes videos per week
  • tutor's feedback
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Reviews for this course

2021-03-16 00:19:48

I wish I had found this course a year ago, but I am so happy I found it now! This course is amazing and has literally been life changing for my dog and I! For the first time I not only feel hope, but confident that I will be able to groom my dog and that she will want to participate. I have learned so much in this past 6 weeks and I have so many things I can work on with my dog. All of the training plans and videos Iris provided throughout the course have been very easy to understand and follow along to. I love training with my dog and I love to see that she is enjoying the process as well. She has never been this calm during any kind of grooming before and now she will lay down in her relaxed position and let me brush her, even her belly! She has NEVER done this before. We are making great strides and it is thanks to this course! I highly recommend it and I think it's a skill set any dog owner should have. If there is a next level to this course I will definitely sign up for it. Thank you so much Iris and Tromplo!

2020-03-18 15:07:41


This is a very detailed and well planned course. I am positively surprised with the huge amount of information available and how much you can learn in just 6 weeks.The Teacher, Iris, has a very constructive and warm approach towards both learners: yourself and your pet.  She's so dedicated to reply to your queries and helping out when you feel stuck with a procedure. All videos and info materials are very detailed and clear. The way Iris makes comments to auditor videos helps improving the cooperation and trust between you and your dog. There is a lot of emphasis on what you are doing correctly and how to make it even better for both of you (pet and pet parent). I have no words to describe how much my fearful dog changed in a couple of weeks. Our relationship improved so much and she feels so more confident in general around husbandry and non-husbandry activities.

As a student expect the following: a lot of new information, self-study, training and treats prep. time :) I recommend doing this course as a Premium Student because Iris feedback is truly valuable/knowledgeable and can make a shift in your dog's relationship with husbandry. 

This is a brilliant course and I recommend it to any pet parent or future pet parent: essential!! 

2020-03-14 07:02:54

This course was amazing! It was my second experience as a Premium student and again a very good one! Lots of material in this class. I had so much fun practicing cooperation with my dog. The feedback from Iris was very valuable and individual adjusted. 

Also, it is kind of impossible to find a  trainer in my area or even another online course to learn about husbandry so this one was very special. 

Katarzyna Szczerbowska-Prusevicius
2020-03-07 13:28:41

I have enjoyed this course very much. You can learn many different husbandry procedures in a joyful and stress-free way. I would say it is a must for every dog owner!

2019-09-27 23:17:42

What a lovely course and it has had the added side benefit of my dogs being a lot calmer and relaxed generally in their day to day life! <3
The superinteresting topic of cooperative care for all kinds of husbandry behaviours is penetrated in depth during the course, both specifically but also with foundations that can be used for lots of different procedures.
I was very impressed with the videos, they are very easy to follow and Iris do some superb training with her dogs, all the time being soooo chilled.
Not only do I feel like we have made huge progress while the course lasted but I also have a plan for how to proceed from now on, how awesome is that!
My hope is that this course will be widely spread in the dog owner community, it would make for some very content dogs around the globe :)

Jennifer Will
2019-09-10 18:19:16

Goodness me what a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge generously shared with us all over the past 6 weeks!! Each aspect of care has been so well explained in stages and it lets you gauge where you are at and where you are aiming for. The feedback is very prompt and very detailed with perfect suggestions of ways in which to improve things.Pie didn’t really enjoy most aspects of husbandry care but now we have progressed in a lot of the procedures to having a very waggy tail throughout...such a joy to see!! Thanks so much Iris, we have loved sharing these weeks with you and your amazing wee dog and will definitely been keen to return for level 2 ❤️
Wendy Webster
2019-06-13 15:41:04

I loved this course. I had started some husbandry training before but the material in this course took it to a whole new level. I am so pleased and grateful to have been taught how to have a conversation with my dog.

Iris is extremely helpful and even devised some really successful extra training to help with getting my dog to feel more comfortable in a bike basket. She made new videos to demonstrate how to apply the exercises.

This course has improved how I relate to my dog on a daily basis. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.