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Thea Harting

Empowering Your Rabbit

Modern training for rabbits and the humans who love them

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1 February 2023



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Join us for an adventure as we traverse new territory in companion rabbit welfare. You’ll hone your behavior observation skills and identify problem-solving techniques to apply in innumerable ways to suit your individual situation.


Do you dread getting your rabbit into a carrier to go to the vet? Are you at your wits’ end trying to bond rabbits? Are you curious about training but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? There’s a course for that!


Is this course right for you?

This course is for brave learners eager to take their rabbit knowledge and skills to the next level and embrace rabbit behavior in all its complexity and nuance – putting aside our human assumptions and doing our best to listen to what the rabbit tells us matters to them.


This is not a Bunny 101 course to help decide if a pet rabbit is a good fit for your household. This course assumes basic knowledge of diet, indoor housing, common health issues, and the importance of spaying and neutering. No experience with training necessary!


This course will explore:

  • Why we should train rabbits and what they can teach us

  • Foundation training skills, such as carrier training and targeting

  • How to understand rabbit ethology and enrichment

  • How to observe behavior and body language, break it down, and understand its function

  • What the science of animal behavior tells us about how rabbits learn and adapt in our homes

  • Practical ways to increase your rabbits” sense of agency in their daily life

  • Why consent is important in relationships and what it looks like

  • How to reduce stress, increase resiliency, and avoid learned helplessness

  • How to set you and your rabbits up for success during the bonding process using practical, effective, and humane techniques.


Course Format

Join us for a 6-week online course!


Each week we’ll explore several key concepts and put that knowledge into practice with demonstration videos that break training lessons down step by step.  You can practice along with your rabbit at a pace you are most comfortable with.


Premium students submit videos of their training each week for individualized coaching and positive reinforcement as they train their pet rabbits. This type of virtual “hands-on” approach jumpstarts your practical skills and makes the process even more fun.

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