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Natashya Sheppard

Essential Foundation Behaviours

Essential Skills for dog and handler

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1 June 2020


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This course is designed to create the necessary building blocks for effective communication between you and your dog.    It will teach you how to train your canine companion a repertoire of core behaviours.  Along with the skills of how to then effectively apply and progress them.  On completion of working through the exercises and lessons you will have a strong, solid base to progress you and your learners training from.

Essential Foundation Behaviours is suitable for dogs of any age, stage and can be an important refresher to assist overcoming any training glitches you may encounter.   These foundation behaviours form the basis of a successful training future.  Also, are required to be solid in order to accomplishing desired results.   You will learn how to apply behaviour theory in a practical manner through positive reinforcement methods to build a stock of functional behaviours.

Use this course as the first stage of your training journey, or a review of your current situation to reinforce the foundations you have already began.  Plus, you will learn the ability to review and improve on the work you carry out with your canine companion.

Course Content

Everyone and their dog will benefit from participating in this course.  Over the 6 weeks you will be learning how to teach ethically the following useful exercises:

  • Training Mechanics – practical and theoretical information on assessment and development of trainer skills, to facilitate improvement and progression.
  • Attention – This is the required essential foundation behaviour to enable your learner to choose to engage and work with you.
  • Watch – a great way to help your dog become comfortable with human eye contact, plus helps to obtain and hold their attention.
  • Down – this behaviour will enable you to be able to station your canine companion in a comfortable position.
  • Touch – one of the most useful foundation behaviours, as it provides the basis for so many targeting behaviours.
  • Follow me – working as a team, moving together in unison.
  • Mat/Bed/Crate – an extremely useful targeting and stationing exercise.
  • Settle – a fantastic life skill of how to rest and physically relax on cue.
  • Recall – teach your dog to return to you reliably when cued.
  • Drop – a potentially life saving behaviour, helping our dogs to eject objects from their mouth.
  • Feed retreat – train your canine companion to comfortably retreat from a situation.







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