Natashya Sheppard
Natashya Sheppard

Essential Foundation Behaviours

Essential Skills for dog and handler

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1 January 2021


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This course is designed to create the necessary building blocks for effective communication between you and your dog.  It will teach you how to train your dog a repertoire of core behaviours, as well as the skills in how to then effectively apply and progress them.  On completion you will have strong, solid base to progress your training from.

Essential Foundation Behaviours is suitable for dogs of any age, stage and can be an important refresher to assist overcoming any training glitches you may encounter.

We will cover:

  • Training Mechanics and handler practical skills
  • Attention
  • Touch
  • Stationing upon a mat or bed/within a crate
  • Down
  • Settle
  • Follow me
  • Recall
  • Drop
  • Retreat







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