Catja B. Pedersen
Catja B. Pedersen

Freakishly fluent behaviors!

This course is dedicated to getting the highest level of fluency in our behaviors.

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This course is dedicated to getting the highest level of fluency in our behaviors by getting geeky and diving deep into each training session.


How do we do that?


The short answer is: We focus on behavior! Both ours, and our learnes behavior.


We are going to analyze everything in the session, both from the handlers position and timing, to everything the dogs does.


So I will emphasize,- this course is geeky, and it is a good thing, if you are prepared to use quite a lot of time, of practicing using the schedules, and being comfortable with just focusing on behavior.


You will, as a premium participant, be asked to fill out quite a few schedules ad homework, to get comfortable with them.

Analyzing our sessions to this degree can be slightly scary and seem overwhelming in the beginning.


Luckily, as with anything else, the more we practice doing it the right way, the more fluent in behavior we become. And what we leave this course with, is very fine-tuned observation skills, that will help us in the future. Both when we want to improve our own sessions, and also if we are helping someone else. Having practiced your observational skills, takes you a big step towards being a favorite training partner.


In this course, we will work on a few specific behaviors that you would like to have perfected. You can chose some, or I can suggest some. This course is not about teaching as many behaviors as possible – that is the “Off cue- off control” course. Here, we dive much deeper into fewer behaviors. We work with the learner offering the behavior off cue and perfecting it, till we have the behaviors freakishly fluent.


This is a course where there is going to be a significant amount of work, taking data, and reviewing the videos from every session, again and again. We use a lot of benchmarking schedules to track the progress, and you will learn how to take your training to the next level with this tool.


This course covers:

  • Introduction to what fluency is and how we get it
  • The science and definitions behind it
  • Benchmarking schedules on the following topics
    • Timing
    • Criteria
    • Reinforcement
    • Off cue behaviors
    • Stimulus control
    • Chaining
    • Training focus
    • Mechanical skills

  When this course finishes, the goal is for you to have ninja skills in clicker training, and have freakishly fluent behaviors!

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Reviews for this course

Danielle Theule DDS
2023-02-19 15:18:43

This is an excellent course.  Highly informative and geared toward professional trainers that enjoy the evidence-based detail of research along with their applications to real life training.  Catja is a pro at communicating with both dogs and people and spices up her presentation with clever stories and humor that provide a deeper meaning to the presentation while keeping the reader entertained and smiling.  Plan to do some analytic assessment exercises if you want to get the most out this course.
Janina Gmiter
2021-12-17 23:10:49

Hello Catja, 

Wow...this is really hard exercise for me...even reps counting is not that easy haha 

Am I correct that it was off cue behaviour, so we dont fill cue box? 

The criteria for click was when Giggsy touch a target with front leg while backing?

Honestly...I did not saw too much...I feel that once there was a delay with click and You always hold a position, only You change the way You deliver treats. 

I sm am not really shure what are this" break offs". You explained it on last lecture,but somehow I dont understand it. Would be possible for You to give me an example? 


2019-07-12 23:43:56

I thought I was getting pretty clear about how to train my dogs and had a good understanding of how to set up a decent training session and also how to evaluate them. And then along came Catja... ? During this course I have gotten so many tools to use to assess myself and my training sessions with my dogs, I am not just looking halfheartedly at the videos any longer but rather doing a structured analysis. This will be tremendously helpful to improve me as a dog trainer <3 And it was fun as well, Catja is superhumble and has a lovely sense of humour :D I am deeply satisfied and grateful for all the knowledge I got out of this and will definitely join more courses with Catja in the future!

Rachel Blackmer
2019-05-15 12:27:52

Freakishly fluent is an **amazing** course. I came into the course as a good trainer with a lot of functional skills. I came out the other side with Ninja skills and a lot of tools to help me analyze and understand my training sessions in a way that had our training improving in leaps and bounds in the course of 6 weeks. The Freakishly Fluent toolbox has deeply improved my training efficiency and effectiveness.

Catja is patient, clear, supportive, and gives timely feedback that results in conversations that increase my understanding even more. Most importantly she's able and willing to help me work with the behaviors from my sport. Thank you, Catja!