Amelie Cosperec
Amelie Cosperec

Harmony in Multidog Household

"Dogs are a bit like chips... It's hard to have just one!"

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1 March 2023


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“Dogs are a bit like chips… It’s hard to have just one!”


In some families, cohabitation can go very well, but in others, the management of resources, the organization of training sessions, the walks and the harmony between the dogs, are going to be complicated. In a large family everything will be constantly multiplied: the positive, as well as… The less positive. In fact, who says more dogs, says more challenge! Fortunately, there are solutions !


This course is designed to give you the tools to make a multi-dog household a peaceful and productive place. Amélie lives with four dogs on a daily basis and regularly takes in guard dogs for several days. She will guide you step by step to (re)create harmony inside and outside your home.  


In this course you will learn to:

  • Read and supervise canine interactions (conduct an introduction well, know how to interrupt an interaction, do consent tests, etc.)
  • Teach behaviors that allow you to deal with everyday situations (food time, transport, walk, training, presence of guests, etc.)
  • Set up consistent and fair communication (understand everyone’s needs, one-to-one times, use the starts button, resources management, etc.)
  • Become pro-active (prevent : why, when and how, anticipate risky situations, use the right tools) – Problem solving and managing “contagious” behaviors
  • Take into consideration multiple factors before adding a new dog (crucial skills before you add a dog, assessment of your situation)  


This course is suitable for people with at least two dogs (from permanent cohabitation to occasional care), as well as people wishing to welcome a new dog soon (puppy, or already an adult dog).  


This class is NOT for households where there are dogs that are already aggressive towards each other and must already be managed with gates and doors etc.  


Course syllabus:

  • Week 1 : Are you under the water ? Multiple dog household : Why it’s hard? – Learn who are your dogs individually (his needs, his safe space) – Common issue Learn who are your dogs – Your environnement – Where are you now?
  • Week 2 : Building healthy relationships Different rules for different dogs – Routines to maximize enjoyment – Work, chill and play with each dog individually – When to let dogs train each other and when not to
  • Week 3 : Crucial skills inside Games with names (individually and group) – Stationning – Wait your turn – Sharing is caring – Love being alone – Guest coming !
  • Week 4 : Crucial skill outside  Doors manners – Transport – Walking with multiple dog (leash walking and recall) – Free times : calm versus high arousal
  • Week 5 : Become pro-active ! Interrupting behaviors in a multi-dog household – Manage play time – Recognize “risk times” – Managing “Contagious” Behavior – Common problem solving
  • Week 6 : Go forward or go back ? Considerations before adding a new member – Assess compatibility – Protocol for integration – Red flag – Rehome is not giving up

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