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‘How to Train Any Animal, Anything!’ Part 3/3: Train Any Animal Anything

Expert guidance for implementing new-to-you behavior production plans

Miranda Hebert Miranda Hebert

Start: 01 Jan 2024
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  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Learning materials: Written lessons with video tutorials.
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This course was developed as part of the 3-course series: ‘How to Train Any Animal, Anything!’

Have you ever seen an animal perform an impressive behavior/’trick’ and wondered ‘how the heck did they train that!?’

Do you seek out step-by-step instructions of how to train certain behaviors you can’t seem to figure out on your own (or perhaps have never thought to try before)?

Does imposter syndrome stop you from experimenting in new areas or subsets of behavior/skills? How about transferring your existing skills to use with a new species?

Are you interested in gaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence(!) to be able to come up with your OWN unique approach to producing brand new behavior in animals?

Stop askingand start answering!‘how the heck did they train that?!’

How to Train Any Animal, Anything!’ sets out to deliver precisely ‘what it says on the tin;’ exploring what knowledge, skills, and considerations one needs to possess or know how to make in order to be able to ‘train any animal, anything!’

Part 3/3: Train Any Animal Anything

Practice putting it all together with expert considerations and guidance to go forward with greater confidence in your ability to repeat the process in order to ‘train any animal, anything!’ Students choose the animal learner/species of their choice (as accessible to them) and what behavior/s they would like to work on, developing and executing a training plan (or more!) in these 6 weeks of dedicated coaching & support. Shy about sharing? The instructor will also be choosing a never-before taught behavior to demonstrate the process alongside you. Auditors can benefit from following along the progression of both premium students and instructor with their work across species;* the considerations for, implementation, and troubleshooting of each unique step towards producing new behaviors.

*Total number of participants and variety of species’ involved limited to the number of premium students and their chosen species’. However, the instructor’s training plan will always aim to follow a species unique to the group!

Who would benefit from this course series?

  • Anyone thinking about or wanting to become an animal training professional
  • Cross-industry pet professionals (groomers, vets, caretakers, etc) who want to add new behavior production in animal training to their skillset
  • Hobbyists, sport enthusiasts, and anyone with previous experience in animal training who may be stuck on how to teach new skills they haven’t taught or received instruction on how to teach before
  • Pet owners and practitioners with all species of animals who want to know how to teach new behaviors, and who may or may not have difficulty finding species and/or skill-specific instruction/support (we’ve got you covered!)
  • Anyone wanting to challenge themselves towards developing ‘wow factor’ levels of behavior precision and fluency from the start

Thinking about starting here (Part 3/3: Train Any Animal Anything)?

This course may be suitable for practicing hobbyists and training professionals interested in experimenting with new behavior production methods, tackling new skills, and/or redeveloping their skills with a new species. Stuck on how to teach a particular behavior? Expert oversight ensures the development of a concrete behavior production plan, while guiding questions and feedback empowers you to grow your own analytical thinking and training skills.

What will you learn from this course (Part 3/3: Train Any Animal Anything)?

In part 3, we practice putting all the concepts from Parts 1 & 2 into hands-on behavior production planning and execution:

  • Develop/finalize a unique-to-you-and-your-learner behavior production plan using a professional framework, with expert considerations and guidance (planning is more than half the battle!)
  • A review of critical considerations from Parts 1 & 2 (you may have missed)
  • Considerations for setting you, the human-learner, up for success; tips, tricks, and exploration of intrapersonal barriers to implementation
  • Week-to-week next steps implementation planning, feedback, and troubleshooting

One-on-one instructor feedback is exclusive to premium students via text and video submissions.

*As this course was developed primarily as a hands-on practical complement for implementing the skills covered in Part 2/3: Pro Behavior Production, it is highly recommended that you completed Part 2 as an informal prerequisite to Part 3 (recommended, but not required). The goal of Part 3 is being able to put into the play the ‘when,’ ‘where,’ and specifics to individualized behavior production plans; ‘how’ considerations for the production of a vast variety of behavioral properties to help you devise your desired method/technique to explore is detailed as the focus in Part 2. Students who wish to specifically receive one-on-one feedback from the instructor may still choose to benefit from the format and accessibility offered via the course, receiving the same expert considerations and guidance however geared towards accomplishing their specific chosen goal behavior/s.

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