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Iron Hold Obedience Retrieve

First step to formal retrieve

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1 June 2023



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This course’s focus is the first part of the retrieve exercise in obedience trial, we will work on the grab, hold and movement with the dumbbell. Before we go into details, accessories, first exercise, we need to go through the rulebook. Rulebook for FCI obedience consists of guidelines and point systems for each exercise. We will analyze what needs to do to score 10/10 for retrieve exercise in class 1. For the upcoming six weeks I want us to focus on:

  • Shaping “calm” and “strong” grab and hold behavior.
  • by calm I mean: one movement of grabbing and closing mouth on an object. What we don’t want is: chewing, correcting the grip of the dumbbell in mouth (rolling with tongue).
  • by strong, I mean: with the strength that makes it impossible for a handler to move dumbbell while the dog is holding it.
  • Shaping grab from variety of dumbbell positions: – our hand – both our hands – nose height – ground height but with handler holding it – on the floor
  • Building distance
  • Variation in handler position
  • Adding movement to grab and hold behavior (final behavior heel set-up)
  • Object generalization
  • Delivery and release to hand
  • Adjusting correct reinforcement protocol for your dog and retrieve behavior


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Reviews for this course

Sarah Owings
Sarah Owings
2023-05-03 16:03:15

I recently took Agnieszka's Iron Hold Obedience Retrieve online course. I greatly enjoyed her clear lesson plans, detailed feedback, her super smart, science-based approach to training, and her willingness to be flexible to meet my dog's special learning needs. In just six weeks, with her guidance, we made significant progress towards my goals--much more progress on this behavior than I've ever achieved before. I enjoyed the experience so much, I'm already signing up for another round of courses! As a professional clicker trainer myself, and someone that teacher other trainers regularly, it is wonderful to find someone as talented as Agnieszka to work with, someone that inspires me to be better, and more clear with my dogs. Highly recommended!