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Keep distance

Working far apart!

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Get clean, precise, and fluent behaviors – even at a distance. If you are ever in a situation where you need your dog to do certain behaviors at a distance, this course will help you get there.


Even if you are working at longer distances, you can still get your behaviors as perfect as if you were standing right next to your dog. Usually, I focus a lot on the behaviors that are happening close to the handler. In this course, that will be turned a bit around.


In these six weeks, we will discuss the following in the lessons:

  • Which basic skills do we need to get started with distance behaviors?
  • What equipment do we need – or can have great use of?
  • How do we teach the dog an “Off cue” stay?
  • How do we define our criteria, and why is this even more important when we are working at a distance?
  • How do we get the dog to go to a certain point of distance?
  • How do we get the desired pace when the dog is running to a certain point?
  • How can we start and perfect stationary behaviors at a distance – like position changes?
  • How can we start and perfect speed behaviors at a distance – like picking up the dumbbell?
  • How can we teach the dog to have precision in behaviors in motion – like down and stand during recall and send away?
  • How do we make a training plan, take some data, and use this information to get progress?
  • How do we get fluent behaviors “off cue” when it is at a distance?
  • How do we choose the best cues for our distance behaviors?
  • And how do you teach those cues in a way that makes them very reliable?
  • How can we make the behaviors shine in a back chain?
  • And how do we use back chaining?
  • What is the best way to reinforce the behaviors when we are working at a distance?

We will cover the different tools we can use, discuss how to get these behaviors started, and we will go into dept with directional targets and platforms and the fading of these tools. There will be video examples of the behaviors – and how to get there and text lessons explaining the process.


We will also have a closed Facebook group for all participants, where we all can discuss these concepts and connect more over this topic. For premium participants, there will be homework with your dog each week, with both set tasks and tasks that you decide on. This course is suitable for all levels. We will work from the level you are at and adjust the criteria so that they are matching you and your dog.


I can´t wait to get to work with this fun and awesome topic that always gets the creativity going.


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Reviews for this course

2020-06-29 12:43:07

Awesome course! I learned so much and got extremely valuable feedback! Catja is a wonderful instructor and I really enjoyed the structure and content of the course. I recommend it to everyone interested in teaching the dog to work on distance. The layout of the Tromplo platform is also easy to navigate and use but I would lite to be able to upload more than one film clip per post. In sum, it has been the best online course I have attended!