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Let Me Want It

This course focuses on teaching our dogs that they have choices and that their behavior has power!

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1 October 2020


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What is the choice in the animal training world? Can we teach choice? What does it look like? 

We all say the choice is essential in training, but what do we really mean by that? What does it mean for our dog, cat, or horse?

This course will introduce the concept of choice to you and your animal. We will focus on the scientific approach to the idea but also practical application throughout our work with animals. 


Have you considered your dog fragile, delicate, shy, quick to stuck, or quit the work? Do you struggle with your dog’s motivation? He is not the working type? Doesn’t have enough drive?


This course is just for you! We will unpack all the labels, operationalize, and change the environment to influence your learner’s behavior.
For six weeks of online learning, we will add choice behaviors to start a training session and learn how to monitor it throughout our work.


Behavioral health is a crucial aspect of the life of our animals: the ability to control the environment, the outcomes of our behaviors. We behave to get the result in our world. Can you imagine a life without that possibility?  This course focuses on teaching this skill to our animals. We will build a clear communication between you and your animals. Empowering your dog by adding consent behaviors to his repertoire.


We will learn to make observations, take data, analyze our training session based on that data and adjust our learning process to help our learner.

During this course, we will focus on:

  • motivating operations
  • basics of the science of learning
  • humane hierarchy by Susan Friedman
  • antecedent arrangement
  • play as a form of interaction
  • consent behavior
  • choice: the theory behind it
  • introducing choice (5 stages)
  • precurrent behaviors
  • errors and response to them
  • building a barometer of our dog’s engagement in training sessions.


Course syllabus:

Week 1
Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introductions
Lesson 2 – What if I told you it was all behavior?
Lesson 3 – Science and Motivation
Lesson 4 – Humane Hierarchy
Lesson 5 – Antecedant Arrangement
Lesson 6 -Acclimation
Lesson 7 – Prerequisite Skills
Lesson 8 – Choice
Lesson 9 – Play – what does it look like?
Lesson 10 – The summary of stages
Lesson 11 – Introducing the concept of choice, stage 1


Week 2
Lesson 12 – Effectiveness of reinforcement
Lesson 13 – Latency
Lesson 14 – Choice, stage 2
Lesson 15 – Shaping the animal’s consent behavior


Week 3
Lesson 16 – Error – the end of the world?
Lesson 17 – Introducing work following consent – stage 3
Lesson 18 – TagTeach


Week 4
Lesson 19 – Adding more work.
Lesson 20 – Increasing the time of interaction – stage 4
Lesson 21 – Clarity


Week 5
Lesson 22 – Classical Conditioning
Lesson 23 – Building sequences of exercises
Lesson 24 – Increasing the challenge


Week 6
Lesson 25 – Between reinforcement and antecedent
Lesson 26 – Negative reinforcement
Lesson 27 – Choice  – digging deeper


In this course, you can work with multiple animals within the weekly time frame (twelve minutes of video submission per week). 

This course is multispecies friendly! You can join with any animal you wish!

Attention Please is a prerequisite course to join as Premium Student. 


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