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This course focuses on teaching our dogs that they have choice, that their behavior has power!

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1 January 2021


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Behavior health that dr. Friedman often talks about! How often do we consider it in working with our animals? Behavior is there to achieve outcome on the environment. It has a function. Can you imagine living the world where your behavior has no effect? No purpose? Serves no function, no actual effect on the environment? This would be a nightmare! We use our behavior all the time, but we often take this privilege from our animals. “he has to do it”, “he has no choice”, “I have to make him do it”, “he knows how to do it”, we hear it too often. Learned helplessness is nothing else but situation where individual learns his behavior has no power. No matter what you do it, it will not bring you the effect it had in some other situation. Your behavior doesn’t work.

That’s why we should introduce choice and control to our animal’s life as much as we can.

Choice is empowering for our dogs. Giving dogs choice is a core of my dog training philosophy.
Because of the world we live in, we are forced to limit the choice of our companion animals to a great extent. We choose what they eat, were they live, who they meet. It’s often dictated by safety of the animal or other members of our community. This is simply how our world functions. But because of that I am a great advocate of giving choice in training situations. Our responsibility as trainers is to make process of learning an experience that our dog will choose to engage in. Providing choice means allowing animal to be a partner. Give your dog choice, and if you are afraid he will choose not to engage in learning with you, means it is time to look more carefully into wat happens during training. This course focuses on teaching our dogs that they have choice, that their behavior has power!
You will no longer be afraid, your dog may not choose you! It’s one of the foundation courses!

During this course we will focus on:

  • motivating operations
  • basics of science of learning
  • humane hierarchy by Susan Friedman
  • antecedent arrangement
  • play as a form of interaction
  • consent behavior
  • choice: theory behind it
  • introducing choice (5 stages)
  • precurrent behaviors
  • errors and response to them
  • building barometer of our dog’s engagement in training session. To take this course as an Premium Member you need to finish Attention Please first (as Premium or Auditor)

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