Masaru Fujii
Masaru Fujii

Mat and crate training foundations

All the fundamentals of training can be learned in mat training

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1 February 2023


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Mat training is one of the most important behaviors that can be taught. It’s very useful in many situations when people and dogs live in the same space.  


Placement and size of the mat, your position, location of the treats, the timing of cues and markers, and other factors can create many variations of mat training. But don’t be scared, I will guide you through this process step by step!  


This mat training course will provide you with ideas on how to incorporate mat training into your daily life in a natural way so that both you and your dog can live stress-free and secure lives.  


Think about these questions:  

  • Do you want your dog to stay on the mat while you vacuum?
  • Do you want your dog to stay on the mat when you have guests or a delivery guy bring you a package?
  • Do you want the dog to stay on the mat while you prepare the dog’s food?
  • Do you want the dog to stay on the mat while you eat your dinner at the table?
  • Do you want the dog to stay on the mat while you work at your desk?

  If you have said YES! at least once while reading the questions above, you have to register for the course 😀  


I will also share with you the “Most Common Mistakes” people tend to make when mat training, so you can learn in the shortest amount of time possible.  


Here are the skills and concepts that will be taught in the course:  

➡️ Antecedent Arrangements – prevention is better than cure

➡️ 3Ds-Distance, Distraction, and Duration

➡️ Understanding operant conditioning and classical conditioning

➡️ Going to the mat on cue

➡️ Replace it with a context cue

➡️ Stay on the mat until the release cue

➡️ Stay calm and settle on the mat

➡️ Generalize to both – inside and outside the house

➡️ Generalize to crate training – very useful during traveling (safety!) or in the animal hospital  


If your dog knows mat training very well, you can get a peaceful family visit without jumping or have tea with your dog at a cafe!  


I hope you will join this course and enrich your life with your dog through mat training. Register now!

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