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Alicja Uzarowska

My active dog’s care

Basically everything you should know to keep your dog safe and healthy during activities in one place.

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1 October 2021



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Be ready for anything! The complex, evidence-based and extremely practical course about preparing dogs for almost any activity. Dogs, just as humans, are born for movement! And we want to make sure that they are enjoying it as long as possible in good health. Learn everything about active dog’s care!


What we do before and training may not only increase the results, but also significantly lower the risk of injuries – both acute and chronic ones. Whether we are training canine sport, handling a working dog, or just enjoying active hikes, a proper preparation for the activity is an absolute must.


This course focuses on everything that you should know about preparing the dog for activity, from warmups and cool-downs, through basics of sport dog nutrition, rest periods, useful accessories, safety rules and acute injury protocols!


Basically everything you should know to keep your dog safe and healthy during activities in one place. 


You will learn the basics of canine anatomy, useful warmup exercises and how to design, plan and match them for any activity. Also what should worry you in your dog’s behaviour and when to seek help. Plus a whole bunch of tips and tricks from over 10 years of experience in handling sport and working dogs.


This course will teach you about:

–  Basic canine anatomy
– The mechanics of movement during different activities
– Warmup exercises for every activity
– Neurological warmup exercise
– Active stretching exercises
– Planning the warmup and cool-down routine
– Protocols for sport related acute injuries and when to seek help
– Sport safety measures

– Optimising the active and rest periods during the season
– Basics of sport dog nutrition and supplementation
– Useful accessories for an active dog and owner


Dogs of all ages, breeds and occupations are most welcome*. 

Advanced sport dogs, mountain hikers, working dog, puppies, retired athletes, search dogs, literally, anyone. This course contains evidence-based essentials of and active dog care and it’s one-suits-all.


*This course is designed for active, healthy, non-obese dogs without current musculoskeletal injuries. If you are not sure whether your dog is suitable, contact a veterinarian specialised in orthopaedics or a certified physical therapist!

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