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1 October 2020


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Dogs’ olfactory abilities amaze us and what they manage to do with their noses is truly astounding.
Nosework is a sport that uses most natural, amazing dog’s abilities and develops them into perfection.

Nosework is one of the greatest dog sports, making its way to the top most popular canine activities. Inspired by working detection dogs searching for narcotics, explosives, nosework makes it available for everyone. Dogs are searching for essential oils hidden in vehicles, interiors, water, exteriors, and containers and they love it!

“No limitations”
This sport is for everyone! It is a perfect activity for old, retired, or disabled dogs who want to stay in shape but can’t be physically challenged. Aggressive dogs are welcome too!
Pure breed, crossbreed, old, young, slow, fast – it doesn’t matter what type your dog is!

During the course we focus on:

  • what is nosework; rules reading
  • classically conditioning odors
  • building solid alert behavior using clicker training
  • introducing discrimination between hot and cold objects
  • introducing various odor holders
  • introducing cardboard boxes
  • generalization

Course syllabus:

Week 1:
Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introductions
Lesson 2 – What is nosework?
Lesson 3 – Nosework International and methods we use
Lesson 4 – Samples preparation and handling odor
Lesson 5 – Cocktail or not to cocktail?
Lesson 6 – Classical conditioning of odor
Lesson 7 – Hand touch


Week 2:
Lesson 8 – Tic-tac!
Lesson 9 – Precision
Lesson 10 – Duration


Week 3:
Lesson 11 – Cue for alert behavior
Lesson 12 – Handler’s movement



Week 4:
Lesson 13 – Competing stimulus
Lesson 14 – Various holders


Week 5:
Lesson 15 – Location of the holder – variations
Lesson 16 – Discrimination


Week 6:
Lesson 17 – New locations
Lesson 18 – New locations
Lesson 19 – Cue for the search



There are 3 more nosework course stages.



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