Karen Backhouse
Karen Backhouse

Positive Puppy Preschool

Early learning for your puppy, from 8 – 16 weeks

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1 June 2020



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Welcome to Positive Puppy Preschool.  The course is aimed at the new puppy owner and is about the early learning for your puppy, from 8 – 16 weeks that forms a crucial part of the socialisation period.

For those of you who have had dogs before, you may notice some changes in the early learning encouraged for young puppies.  These changes have been developed through research by several prominent universities and uses applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to underpin the learning.

What to expect

  • Six weekly lessons with written information and video(s)
  • Homework tasks both written, online and videoed practical training
  • Daily feedback (6 days per week) for Premium Members

What is covered

  • Socialisation & habituation
  • Introduction to the science of learning
  • The mechanics of clicker training
  • Capturing, shaping & luring
  • Adding cues
  • Introduction to canine body language
  • Exploring the environment
  • Handling with consent
  • Creative feeding
  • Puppy play
  • Planning effective training sessions
  • Foundation training
    • Settle
    • Managing puppy mouthing
    • Walking on a lead
    • Coming back when called
    • Leave
    • Drop/give up items
    • Four paws on the floor (an alternative to jumping up)

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