Mikolaj Synowiec
Mikolaj Synowiec

Preparation for Frisbee part one

Foundation of toy play and basic movements as a first step to dog frisbee

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2019-07-01 00:00



Frisbee is highly complex and can be dangerous if done mindlessly. That’s why building correct foundations is a key! We cannot skip it!

Preparation For Frisbee is a series of four courses . Completing all four courses will mean that your dog is ready for high level Frisbee performance. He will have skills which are required for safety and will allow him to bring out his full potential.

Is it required for just playing? No. But my goal is not to help your dog just play. My goal is to prepare you for high level performance where everything you do is technical (which means as effective and as safe as possible).

I am glad to introduce you to the first part of this series. Here we focus on fundamental skills in toy play and development of behaviors which are crucial for playing Frisbee(like exchanging toy, following us, motivation for toys and many others). We put here huge emphasis on strong reinforcement history and generalization so that every skill your dog will learn can be also applied in future games.

Lastly a bit less formal…. Building foundations teaches you one of the most important skills in dog training. How to enjoy playing and making progress. Even little steps can give a lot of joy. In my opinion that’s the most important thing because all in all we should train to have fun together.

But what if I’m not interested in doing dog frisbee? 

It’s perfectly fine to take this course without intention for Frisbee development as I said we are working with toys and those skills and behaviors are necessary in any toy based activity. AND if you change your mind you can always take part in second part of the series. I will be waiting for you.

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Jennifer Will
2019-06-13 22:02:32

Once again another great course with Mikolaj! He loves science and I have to admit I had very little knowledge before his courses but couldn’t help but become fascinated too...he went the extra mile to make sure I ‘ got it’ and with a rusty old brain here that must have required some patience! Pie, who wasn’t a natural player with people has come on tremendously and it’s fabulous to have a load of games around tugging to use to build our relationship further and in time hope to use as a reinforcer for agility training. Thanks so much!