Anna Bartosik
Anna Bartosik

Puppy kindergarten – From puppy to best friend!

Create a strong relationship so you will be able to call your dog your best friend that you always wanted!

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Set your puppy up for success!   


The number one reason for dogs being handed over to an animal shelter or rehomed is behavioral issues. Those issues start in puppyhood and many of them can be avoided with the right plan and actions.   


Raising a puppy is filled with a lot of joy and cuteness but also an equal amount of frustration! Even professional dog trainers with the new puppy have days when they question their decision to get one in the first place! The path to raising a puppy is not easy! That’s why it’s best to do it with others who understand you. Join this course with other puppy caregivers to have the community to lean on when things get tough.   


Learning the best practices now will equip you with everything you need for your pup’s future. Set your puppy up for success and create a relaxed life for both of you! Having a dog doesn’t have to be a struggle. Let me help you create a strong relationship so you will be able to call your dog your best friend that you always wanted.   


Why would you consider joining the course and setting your puppy up for success?

  • Starting with your puppy from a get-go will help you avoid any aggressive behaviors from ever developing in your puppy,
  • You will learn how to avoid separation anxiety which not only saves your furniture from shredding and your neighbors from complaining but also increases your puppy’s wellbeing which often translates to lower vet bills!
  • Teaching your pup how to navigate through a human world will eliminate the embarrassment of having your puppy behave in an inappropriate way like get spooked and run or bark at things, 
  • Teaching your pup how to greet people and dogs politely will save you from uncomfortable conversations and apologizing for your pup’s behavior,
  • You will learn how to teach your puppy to ‘settle ‘ which will allow you to take your pup out and about to a cafe or a pub and enjoy uninterrupted time with your friends.

Some of the lessons in the course:

  • Toilet training
  • Puppy biting and play with toys
  • The importance of sleep and teaching settle 
  • Being left alone – first steps to avoid separation anxiety
  • Body language essentials
  • Socialization with people and dogs
  • Puppy play with other puppies and/or dogs
  • Exposure to life in a household (inanimate object, sounds, etc)
  • Exposure to life in a human world (cars, traffic, etc)
  • 4 paws on the floor and how to avoid jumping up on people
  • Handling exercises and vet visits
  • Enrichment

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Reviews for this course

Marion Terree
Marion Terrée
2022-03-01 22:03:41

This puppy kindergarten course is a nice one for trainers as well ! As a young trainer, I decided to take this class to enlarge my toolbox with puppies and take inspiration from some lessons. The class is so well constructed, and even if it's a label, I found Anna radiant in her videos with her big smile ! (And I also loved her dog-patterned rain coat but maybe this comment is off topic ! :D)

2022-02-17 04:02:14

Getting a puppy is exciting and overwhelming. Anna does an wonderful job breaking out basic behaviors, things to build on later and things to help survive puppyhood with your sanity mostly intact. It’s the sexy life skills that I appreciate the most and helping set up ways for the puppy and parent to be eager to learn together successfully. “Learning to settle” for the win! It’s a way for the puppy to see a way to reinforcement and an opportunity for me to catch my breath and be ready for the next round.

Thank you Anna for setting up a thorough yet manageable lesson plan and feedback on places to tweak or explore. Much like providing some structure for a puppy, having the guidelines gave me helpful and predictive structure as well.