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Catja B. Pedersen


Mechanics of positive reinforcement, delivery protocols and use of marker cues

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1 February 2023



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When used strategically, positive reinforcement provides a way to communicate with a learner. In a good relationship communication never stops.  
By reinforcing we talk to the dog and simultaneously we learn to listen. Understanding the reinforcement process can improve the relationship between humans and dogs. If we have knowledge of the way dogs learn we can build mutual understanding.  
Since reinforcement fluctuates the value, it is very important to know what is reinforcing for our learner in this particular moment. Because reinforcement is a dynamic process it changes quickly and in one moment chicken treats are the highest value and the best reinforcement, a few minutes later they become much less important than a ball.  
If we understand the science behind behavior we are more likely to understand our learners. We will be less prone to label our learners and more willing to communicate with them using appropriate tools.  

In this course we focus on:

  • mechanics of positive reinforcement,
  • delivery protocols,
  • use of marker cues,
  • the clarity in the learning cycle, loop
  • transport and breaks

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This is Carol and Sweep’s video of before and after this course – look at the change with this stand!!!

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Reviews for this course

2019-05-16 20:05:42

Wow! I mean seriously wow! This is the second course I take with Tromplo and there will hopefully be many more to come :D Who even knew there was just so much to learn and to consider to make your training sessions as successful as possible and thus also more enjoyable and less frustrating for both you and your dog?!
I found both the written lectures and the videos highly informative and it was easy to implement at home and with every feedback I got for the videos I sent in my understanding and my skills as a trainer have increased. Not only that, but it was a pleasure all along and the homework sometimes was very thought provoking.
The site is very well structured and userfriendly, feedback is fast and always meticulous, with suggestions for your next session, so no matter your level you will improve.
I believe that most dog owners would benefit from this course and since you can do it anywhere anytime as long as you have an internetconnection it really is superconvenient =)