Catja B. Pedersen
Catja B. Pedersen
Emelie Johnson VeghEmelie Johnson Vegh

R+ trainer – R+ parent!

Setting both yourself and your child up for success.

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1 April 2020


This course is a self-study auditors only!

We are very much looking forward to sharing this material with you all!

Approaching parenting and family life from an R + perspective is not a given in our culture and often not a part of the regular discussion of the topics.

In this course we’d like to share with you how you can approach your life as a parent and part of a family from this methodology. We’ll look into how you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting both yourself and your child up for success.

We’ll discuss how you can think about what skills to teach and how.

We’ll touch on the theory behind working with positive reinforcement and introduce the basis of TAGteach–Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. But this course is mostly based on our personal experiences with our own families and discussions we’ve had in different settings with other caregivers, teachers and coaches.

This course will cover topics such as:

  • Skills for everyday life, such as brushing teeth, going shopping.
  • Skills for care, such as taking medication and going to the dentist.
  • Discussions regarding reinforcers.
  • Discussions regarding children of different ages.
  • Discussions regarding helping your child with an R + approach out in the world

This course is for you if you are in a caregiving position or in a situation where you deal with kids and families on a regular basis through work or hobbies


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