Eva and Emelie
Eva and Emelie

Seamlessness – from one reward to the next SEPT

Zooming in on the details of a great training session

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Self-study course! Auditors only! (No premium spots in this course)


Positive reinforcement training is about setting up for success and making sure desired behaviors are followed by reinforcers, which strengthen the behavior in the future. In this course you get to join the Swedish duo Eva and Emelie as they zoom in on the small but important details that make up a training session, from one reward to the next. What happens right after each reward? What happens within your reward procedure? And why does it matter?

In “Seamlessness – from one reward to the next” you will learn learn how to work deliberately with small but significant details, paying attention to all the parts of the training loop and using them to create seamless training sessions. The material in this course will help you develop your own training sessions further.  Your planning will get better, your training will become smoother, and both you and your learner will enjoy the process even more than before!

This course will cover

  • Efficient training using positive reinforcement, what does that look like?
  • The everpresent interplay between behavior and environment
  • Decision making in all parts of the training loop
  • Cues, prompts and lures – what part do they play?
  • Reward procedures
  • Avoiding “garbage” behavior
  • What to do when mistakes happen
  • Creating a great training session, from one reward to the next!

This is a 6 week self-study course. New lessons will be presented each week  (usually Sunday and Wednesday), and you will have continued access to the material after the course finishes.

We have so much material we wish to share with you on this topic – in this course, we put it together in a comprehensive yet extensive form. Our goal is to provide you with a lot of information and ideas from which you can extrapolate the aspects you currently wish to work with in your own training.

The course is auditors only,  allowing you to digest the material at your own pace and consider how it relates to your own training.  We are planning for a follow-up course with practical training and feedback from us, we just wish to have everyone on the same page first…   There are so many aspects to consider – it literally takes us six weeks to get from one reward to the next!









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