Eva and Emelie
Eva and Emelie

Seamlessness In Practice

Training session fundamentals

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1 May 2020


Practictical follow-up course focused on fluent and seamless training session fundamentals, with feedback from Emelie and Eva!

Positive reinforcement training is about setting up for success and making sure desired behaviors are followed by reinforcers, which strengthen the behavior in the future. Through zooming in on the small details that make up a training session, from one reward to the next,  you can learn to make the best choices for your purposes.  What happens right after each reward? What happens within your reward procedure? What does the structure of your training session look like? And why does it matter?

The Seamlessness – from one reward to the next course is rolling on the Tromplo platform as a selfstudy course. This course, Seamlessness in Practice 1: Training Session Fundamentals, is a practical follow-up with premium participants (auditors spots also available), exclusively for you who have already taken the selfstudy course. We are already on the same page, you’ve digested all the material from the course, and it’s now time to get nerdy with your own training!

In this course we will focus on building seamless, fluent and highly reinforcing training sessions through focusing on the fundamentals that make up the core of your training sessions:

  • Focus bubble
  • Pause
  • Starting and ending
  • Rewards and reward procedures
  • Transports

In this course, the premium participants get to practice, submit  and get feedback from Emelie and Eva. Building directly on the material in the “Seamlessness From One Reward to the Next” course, this hands-on course will propel your training forward!

With solid yet flexible training session fundamentals, your training will raise to new levels!
You wish to refine your training? – Zoom in on the session structure fundamentals!
You wish to make your sessions even more enjoyable for both your learner and yourself? – Hone those session structure fundamentals!
You wish to build awesome sessions right from the start? Begin with the session structure fundamentals!

Both you and your learner will love this course, and we promise it’ll provide benefits way beyond its scope. You might be working on advanced behaviors, or you might just have gotten started with a new learner – either way, there are benefits to be had by putting work into the structural aspects of your sessions. The session structure fundamentals are like the glue that ties your sessions together and make seamlessness possible. So whatever type or level of behaviors you are working on, and whatever setting or species, welcome to join this nerdy class!

This course is not intended to present new material. Instead is fully focused on practical work with premium participants, deriving individualized practical applications from the material presented in Seamlessness From One Reward To The Next. Auditors are very welcome and will get to see all videos, comments and feedback.










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