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Shape me up!

Shaping behaviors inside out!

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1 May 2023


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Do you know shaping is not some random clicking any interactions with an object or figure it out situation?
Clicking every interaction with an object doesn’t bring you closer to the terminal behavior. Think about actions that lead to the result. They should build the movement pattern; each should function as a building block for the behavior you want to teach.

Clicking every interaction with an object leads to extinction. So instead of getting closer to your training goal, you move away from it!  But don’t worry, in this course you will learn how to avoid extinction during your shaping session.

This course will dive deeper into the topic of shaping behaviors for beginners and advanced students.

 How will you know this course is for you?

  •  You get the impression that your dog adds 100 unnecessary behaviors during training, which makes the target behavior a little different than your plan
  •  Your dog quits the shaping session quickly – walks away, sniffs, retreats.
  •  You’re just starting to use shaping in your training and want to learn how to train correctly, errorless from the beginning
  •  You conduct classes with clients and use shaping a lot.  However, you would like to offer your customers services of the highest quality and want to broaden your own skills

 You are a geek looking for challenges worthy your knowledge  and diving into behavior analysis.

We will spend much time on observing and operationalizing! We will look into so many details, and observe micro-movements, in other words, really feeding our inner geeks. The course will cover:

  • What is shaping?
  • Extinction and frustration in training
  • Loopy training
  • Resurgence,
  • How to shape errorlessly?
  • How to get the behavior?
  • Step by step guidelines for a training session
  • Planning
  • Antecedent arrangement
  • Backchaining application in shaping
  • Cues in shaping
  • Dealing with errors
  • Shaping with objects
  • Shaping without objects

It is our job as teachers to make sure that the learning process is transparent.  Let me help you understand how you can do this so that you never have a problem with it again! Register now for flawless shaping sessions, even with your eyes closed! To take this course as a Premium Member, you must finish Attention Please first (as Premium or Auditor).

Reviews for this course

arianna tomassoli
2021-03-14 22:36:32

This course is really important for me. I thought I was doing many things correctly but I discovered I wasn’t. The most important things I learned are how to describe the behavior I want to teach (we never do this. How can we teach a behavior if we don’t have in mind how it looks like? How can our dog learn it?), analyze it and divide it into small pieces. And this is really the key to shape behaviors. I really learned how to set my dog up to success. Agnieszka is an amazing teacher, her lessons are clear and so useful. I highly recommend this course even if you think you are a great trainer!