Camille Nguyen
Camille Nguyen

Shaping Canine Fitness

Improve your training skills and dog's physical condition at the same time!

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1 March 2021


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If you want to improve your training skills and your dog’s physical condition at the same time, this course is for you!  
Whether you’re a beginner in canine fitness or you’ve been training for a while, increase your dog’s repertoire by teaching fundamental behaviors with positive reinforcement techniques. In this course, you’ll get each week theory and exercises on:
  • important fitness foundations
  • training basic gym movements
  • shaping clean targeting behaviors
  • essential clicker and training notions
  • how to deliver food to promote clear communication

Having fitness and proprioception equipment for this course is not compulsory but greatly appreciated. You will need at least stable and solid objects safe enough for you dog to put weight on (such as planks, bricks or mats).



Week 1 – Welcome!
Week 1 – Fitness foundations – Skeleton, joints, and alignment
Week 1 – Training – The ABCs
Week 1 – Targeting – Stare
Week 1 – Food delivery – Luring
Week 1 – Gym – Twist/spin & figure 8

Week 2 – Fitness foundations – Movement vocabulary
Week 2 – Training – Markers
Week 2 – Food delivery – Laziness is the key
Week 2 – Targeting – Front & four feet
Week 2 – Gym – Hip pivot


Week 3 – Fitness foundations – Function of main muscle groups
Week 3 – Training – Loopy training
Week 3 – Food delivery – Let’s go get it
Week 3 – Targeting – Hind feet
Week 3 – Gym – Shoulder pivot & backing up


Week 4 – Fitness foundations – Equipment
Week 4 – Training – Adding a cue
Week 4 – Targeting – Nose & chin
Week 4 – Gym – Rock back sit
Week 4 – Food delivery – Drills without the dog


Week 5 – Fitness foundations – Duration & number of reps
Week 5 – Training – Stimulus control
Week 5 – Targeting – Front paw lift
Week 5 – Food delivery – Plan the Cs
Week 5 – Gym – Push up & Tucked Sit


Week 6 – Fitness foundations – How to build a program?
Week 6 – Training – To fade or not to fade?
Week 6 – Targeting – Hind paw lift
Week 6 – Food delivery – Bucket Game
Week 6 – Gym – Weight shifts & Kick Back Stand
Week 6 – Thank you!


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Reviews for this course

Agata Szczepanik
2020-05-24 19:41:10

It was one of the best online courses I have ever been on! :) A lot of information and tips on how to efficiently (and safely!) organize fitness trainings! Thank you Camille! I will definitely participate in level 2 of this course! Can't wait! :)


2020-05-14 10:19:31

It was a gamechanging course that added so much to my trainer's toolbox and allowed me to improve my mechanics. This course made me realize I've not paid enough attention to reinforcement patterns and setting up the environment when it comes to shaping. I've learnt so much and the support and feedback from Camille was very accurate and useful. Thank you! Looking forward to part 2 of it!

Patricia Tiernan
2020-05-11 21:21:10

I realy enjoyed this course. The presentations and videos are terrific. I am looking forward to part 2

2019-06-15 18:52:11

This was a course I decided to do more because I felt that it was a side of my dog training knowledge I wanted to improve and because it is so nice to have an alternative to get a fit dog without always taking a walk in the rain when autumn comes... BUT I was happily surprised by how much fun me and my dog had and how much information that was included and how much this newfound knowledge has improved my observational skills when reviewing my own training. It was a perfect mix of anatomy, lessons in movement, what an impact different targets, reinforcement strategies, the pace of a movement has and of course lots of training videos with exercises for an allround doggie workout =) Camille is an excellent trainer, I learnt a lot and she is very commited and gives practical advice and she is so calm and clear when working her own dogs, very inspiring indeed =D I am looking forward towards the sequel to this course!

Elaine Pattinson
2019-06-14 16:49:59

This was my first Tromplo course and I thoroughly enjoyed it . There were many skills taught that will be useful beyond fitness and the instruction was clear and helpful. I hope that there will be follow-on classes in the future.
Wendy Webster
2019-06-11 12:14:33

This course is fantastic--I have learned so much and yet it all seems so obvious now. Camille has a wonderful eye and really helped me to notice things that I didn't see before. The pace, the breadth and the depth of the material are spot on! I'm hoping that Camille will be offering more courses because I'm hooked.

2019-06-08 21:51:51

Dear Camille

I have just finished auditing this course and found it really interesting!

Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge!

I look forward to part 2!

Thank you