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Targeting targets!

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Target sticks, target mats, sticky-notes, hand target, chin target, shoulder target.. The list of targeting training is long.


Have you ever been thinking about how you can get the maximum result, out of working with targets in your sessions? Then this is the course for you.


One of the most important things, when working with targets and target behaviors, is to have a plan.


Awareness is key and enables you to make the most out of every single repetition, where you are using the help of the target.


Targets, in most cases, are helping to teach a new behavior, to add duration in behaviors, to teach directions or to be able to groom/care for your animal in the most respectful way, while you are both still kept safe.


Some of the specific targets and ways of using targeting, that we will learn about in this course, is:

  • Directional targets – send aways etc.
  • Position targets – position changes – locked front legs or hind legs
  • Platforms – accuracy in positions
  • Duration targets – keeping absolutely still with duration
  • Husbandry targets – Targeting with distractions
  • Bodypart targets – shoulder, chin, nose, hind leg. Which of the dog’s body parts, touches you, and where?
  • Target mats – to get the dog to a specific place/direction
  • Target sticks – Moving the dog around, close to the handler
  • Hand target – An important part of the release and a perfect reset behavior
  • Target transfer – Teaching the dog to close cabinets, turn off the light, or whatever behavior you would like
  • Sticky notes  – The easiest tool to fade


Apart from learning about that, we will also talk about some of the pitfalls and great advices, when working with targets.


  • Successful fading of the target – when and how
  • When is the target a final cue or part of the final behavior
  • When is targets a good idea
  • The ideal time to present a target
  • What does it look like
  • Careful criteria setting and why it is especially important


This course is suitable for everyone that is interested in using target as a help in their training and minimize the food lures.


For premium participants, it is recommended that your dog has tried some of the target variations before. The big goal in this course is to be able to smoothly evaluate the session as it plays out, and have the skills to fade the target in the fastest way, without risking a breakdown of the behavior.


I can´t wait to target those target talks!


Catja x


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Reviews for this course

Rachel Forday
2020-12-12 15:30:39

I took this course at the Premium level and it was a lot of fun! Catja explained everything in great detail with helpful video clips. It has definitely help me with practicing my mechanics and practicing how to thinslice steps for my dog who needs to have criteria made very clear for him. Targeting is so useful in so many ways! Love this course! :)