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Lisa Longo

The problem solving guide to your pet’s behavior

An easily accessible science related course for pet owners

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1 March 2021


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For dogs, cats, parrots, and all pets owners.

This course is open to beginners.

Used as a scientific approach to analyze, understand, and modify behavior, applied behavior analysis (ABA) is used to improve (or change) specific behaviors. Applied Behavior Analysis allows us to change the environment in order to change the behavior.

Whether you share your life with a pet dog, a parrot, a cat, a pig, an elephant, or a ladybug, the fundamentals of behavior analysis apply to them.

This six weeks course is specifically for owners who have a behavior problem with their pet’s behavior or any person willing to learn more about behavior analysis.

Common behavior problems our students usually work on:

  • recall from other dogs, humans
  • resource guarding
  • jumping on guests/guest greetings
  • chewing
  • stealing food
  • excessive barking / screaming / meowing
  • toilet training

For several weeks, you will learn how to analyze and understand your pet’s behavior, but also how to modify it effectively, while always respecting his well-being.

What this course covers :

  • Labels vs. observable behaviors
  • Data collection
  • Classical conditioning
  • Operant conditioning
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Behavior functions
  • ABC scheme (three-term contingency)
  • Hierarchy of behavior-change
  • Behavior modification

Thanks to accessible and easy definitions but also homework and guidance, you will be able to understand the meaning of applied behavior analysis terms, and you will learn how to use it.

Premium participants: The homework offered each week during this course will allow you to analyze and modify your pet’s behavior “in real-time”. To get the most out of these six weeks, you are advised to practice the exercises as soon as they are published.

Although all behaviors can be analyzed with the tools and techniques covered during this course, due to their specificities, outdoor reactivity/aggression/phobia, and separation anxiety will not be covered during these six weeks (aggression indoors may be seen during this course).

Applied behavior analysis aim should not be to address unwanted behavior, but rather to learn new skills* to live in harmony in one’s environment.

* for both the animal and the human who shares his life!

This course is a prerequisite for acceding the “FACING THE ENVIRONMENT : Helping reactive, aggressive & phobic dogs” class.

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Reviews for this course
Janina Gmiter
2020-12-19 20:50:21

This was our second course on tromplo and first with Lisa, who is very dedicated teacher,motivated for making us- students deeply understand the topic. On "Problem solving guide" You can work on every problematic issue! Lisa personalize it very much, so in my opinion, it is really worth to choose premium option in order to be in touch with instructor. Me and my young Labrador were working on recall.   I learned how to analize Fredzio's behaviours and understand him better. We worked on our recall from the real base. I did not know how much I can do before I scream "come!". Lots of materials, homework and carefull work of Lisa let me understand how to progress and regress exercises in order to set us for succes, as well as choose correct place, time and other factors for our training. Today I am not afraid of letting Fredzio run off-leash in safe places and I feel I have base of knowledge to train, progress and solve our daily live problems

Piotr Szmielew
2020-02-10 23:39:06

This is a fantastic course.

Lisa is a great teacher; The material is easy to understand yet challenging. I highly recommend that course to anyone who is trying to better understand the behaviour of his/her pets (both desirable and undesirable!)

Tamara Danner
2019-12-13 19:03:59

This course is excellent if you have an animal that has a behavior that you would like to change. I would highly recommend this course even to an average pet person.

2019-12-12 15:53:14

This was my first Premium course that I took on Tromplo and it was an absolutely amazing experience. It was such a pleasure to work with Lisa as a teacher! Lisa is so patient and she always reinforces her students during solving homework.

The material of this course is essential not only if you want to modify your own pet's behaviour but also if you plan to work with clients and their dogs in the future. I've learnt how to operationalize behaviours and effectively analyse their antecedents and function to come up with and implement an appropriate a modification plan.

I absolutely loved homeworks which included not only discussions about my dog behaviour but also analyzing videos which was challenging but not too hard as Lisa was always there if I needed help.

To sum it all up, I highly recommend this course for everyone who ever wants to work on "undesirable" (from our point of view) behaviours - either those of their own pets or client's.