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Mikolaj Synowiec

Toy play foundation behaviors

Foundation behaviors for toy play and future dogfrisbee performance

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1 January 2021


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Are you the right fit for this course?

Is your dog willing to play? Your session might be messy and unorganized but if the willingness for interaction is there it’s definitely enough!

If you answered “no” and you want to learn how to teach to enjoy toy play please check out my other course “Iron Jaws”.


What will you learn?

In short we “teach rewards”. It’s a collection of tug based games that teach a dog all those minor things that we don’t appreciate when they are there but we can get very frustrated when they aren’t. This is a core for the effectiveness of any future toy based training session.

Exercises with a dog:

  1. Quality tug- how to do it right? How to make a great reinforcer and strength exercise out of it.
  2. Catch the rat- introduction to chasing. Teaches a dog how to execute effective catch on moving target. How to control its body and judging the distance between him/her and a toy.
  3. Drop – if you teach your dog to drop by grabbing its color you are doing it wrong. You will learn four different dropping games. Your dog will think “how can I make this human monkey ask me to drop”.
  4. Exchange work- swiftly switching from playing with one toy to another. Imagine cool looking freestyle routine. Would it be equally cool if a dog had no idea when to refocus from one frisbee to another? It’s also often used reinforcement procedure.
  5. Follow me- base for fetch is a dog that wants to come back and share a toy with you. That’s what we are teaching here.
  6. Tossing toys- it’s combined catch a rat with following.

You will receive one exercise per week. On top of that additional lectures covering more specific aspects and topics.


“Preparation for Frisbee” series

Preparation for Frisbee is a series of four courses that are meant to turn newbie dogfrisbee adept into a team with good foundations that allow them to have fun with flying plastic safely. This course contains references to this sport and how all we do apply to our future play.

Remember that Frisbee is just another toy so the foundation for effective interaction and understanding between you and your dog is the key for further success. It’s a first step to getting great at my beloved sport Dogfrisbee!

Don’t worry if you are not interested in dogfrisbee. All skills and lessons apply to any toy based training.

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Reviews for this course

Elisabeth Fitzthum
2020-09-08 19:41:05

What a great class!! I have done a play-class some years ago but I have never seen play in this structured way before.

I took the class with my 5 months old puppyI I was not so sure if it would be the right time for us, as it could have been too much for such a young dog, but all exercises could be perfectly tailored to my puppy. Thank you for a fun time and for laying down the perfect foundation for a life full of joyful paying :)

2020-08-20 15:24:10

I loved this course. Me and my dog got so much out if it! Mikolaj is brilliant at explaining the why's and how's of toy training. I can't wait for Part 2!!!

Sheri Morrissey
2019-10-22 13:56:47

Loved it and can’t wait till part 2!

Jennifer Will
2019-06-13 22:02:32

Once again another great course with Mikolaj! He loves science and I have to admit I had very little knowledge before his courses but couldn’t help but become fascinated too...he went the extra mile to make sure I ‘ got it’ and with a rusty old brain here that must have required some patience! Pie, who wasn’t a natural player with people has come on tremendously and it’s fabulous to have a load of games around tugging to use to build our relationship further and in time hope to use as a reinforcer for agility training. Thanks so much!