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Trainer’s Toolbox

Foundation course focusing on a scientific approach to animal training.

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2019-07-01 00:00



When was the last time you practiced your handling skills? How much time do you spend working on your timing, mechanics and control in relation to the time spent on your dog’s skills? Do you know that your dog’s skills are reflection of your own? Very often we forget how important it is to focus on our own preparation before even working with dogs. Being able to mark in time, properly delivery reinforcement is not a something extra, it’s our obligation as a trainer! Very often we expect from our dogs much more than from ourselves.

Trainer’s toolbox is a foundation course focusing on scientific approach to dog training. We will cover ABA (applied behavior analysis) principles and how they resonate with what we do with dogs, we will cover mechanics and techniques of teaching behaviors!

  • clicker training mechanics
  • skills for trainer
  • chaining
  • adding stimulus control to behaviors and
  • luring
  • shaping
  • structure of training session
  • concept of fluency
  • frustration and errors
  • raising criteria
  • moulding
  • concept of loopy training

This course is must have for anyone interested into diving into depths of scientific dog training. If you want to be the handler your dog deserves – join me for 6 weeks of great learning.

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