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Foundation course focusing on a scientific approach to animal training.

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1 October 2020


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Training is a skill we need to learn. Teaching animals is not magic, nor common sense. It’s a combination of science and practical skills we need to master. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start! I have prepared this course for you. It will guide you through the foundations of training. Step by step journey for anyone wishing to learn more!

Too often, we end up in a position of being teacher and learner at the same time, because we hadn’t had a chance to work on our mechanics, clicker skills, delivery patterns before we started working with our learners.


This course is a compendium of knowledge and practice for animal trainers. Focusing on the scientific approach to animal training we will cover ABA (applied behavior analysis) principles and how they resonate with what we do with animals, we will cover the mechanics and techniques of teaching behaviors! It’s a perfect place to start your training journey, but it is also an appropriate course for more advanced students who want to geek in the depths of thoughtful training. Get ready for discussions, practical exercises, and thorough insight into the animal training world.

Throughout six weeks of online learning, we will cover:

  • clicker training mechanics
  • skills for the trainer
  • errorless learning
  • chaining
  • adding stimulus control to behaviors
  • luring
  • shaping
  • structure of training session
  • concept of fluency
  • frustration and errors
  • raising criteria
  • moulding
  • concept of loopy training
  • planning your training session


Course syllabus:

Week 1
Lesson 1 – Welcome and Introductions
Lesson 2 – Education of choice and science.
Lesson 3 – Basic terms
Lesson 4 – Behavior and its contingencies
Lesson 5 – Consequences
Lesson 6 – Marker cues
Lesson 7 – Behavior profile
Lesson 8 – Luring


Week 2
Lesson 9 – Handler’s technique
Lesson 10 – Strategies
Lesson 11 – Moulding by contact



Week 3
Lesson 12 – Shaping
Lesson 13 – Cue for shaping – explored
Lesson 14 – Outcome versus result. Does it matter?
Lesson 15 – Examples of shaping
Lesson 16 – Frustration


Week 4
Lesson 17 – Handler’s technique – helper
Lesson 18 – Moulding by the environment
Lesson 19 – Schedules of reinforcement
Lesson 20 – Fading out
Lesson 21 – Fluency


Week 5
Lesson 22 – What about emotions?
Lesson 23 – Antecedent Arrangement
Lesson 24 – Cues
Lesson 25 – Error
Lesson 26 – Raising criteria


Week 6
Lesson 27 – Structure of the training session
Lesson 28 – Behavior chains
Lesson 29 – WTF?
Lesson 30 – Poisoned cues



This course is a must-have for anyone interested in diving into depths of scientific dog training. If you want to be the handler your dog deserves – join me for six weeks of great learning.

In this course, you can work with multiple animals within the weekly time frame (twelve minutes of video submission per week).
This course is multispecies friendly! You can join with any animal you wish!

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