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Working Successfully with Rescued Dogs, Part 2.

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1 March 2020


Are you volunteer for a Dog’ Rescue? Do you work at a Dog’ Rescue? Are you starting your path in the Dog Training World? Would you like to learn more about the type of work done with Rescued Dogs to raise their chances of being adopted?

If so, I believe that you will find this course helpful.

“Working Successfully with Rescued Dogs – The Blueprint, Part 2” is the continuation of the course “Working Successfully with Rescued Dogs” for those who participated on part 1 or for people who already have a very good understanding on learning theory, the basics of positive reinforcement training and overall understanding of dog behaviour.
This course will give continuation to some topics discussed in the first part with much more detail and also present some new concepts and tools necessary to modify the behaviour of rescued dogs.

In this second part of the course, we will discuss the topics below:

  • The First Interactions – In this first module, we will analyse the importance of the first interactions with a dog and how these should be carried.
  • Human Behaviour and the effect it has in Dogs – In this module, we will analyse the effects of human behaviour, both positive and negative, in rescued dogs.
  • Stress is Back – In this module, we will expand the topic of “Stress” initiated in the first part of the course.
  • Mental and Physical Stimulation – In this module, we will analyse the importance of stimulation in rescued dogs and how we can implement these in their daily lives.
  • Advanced Clicker Training, Concepts – In this module, we will give continuation to the topic of “clicker training” initiated in the first part of the course by introducing new concepts.
  • Advanced Clicker Training, Practical  In this module, we will continue the “clicker training” topic by implementing more advanced clicker training exercises.
  • Easy is in the eyes of the beholder – In this module, we will analyse the importance of setting a realistic “criteria” when working with rescued dogs.
  • Speaking about Diet – In this module, we will analyse some important factors related to dogs’ diet and how it can influence the behaviour of rescued dogs.
  • Constructional Affection – In this module, we will analyse a behaviour modification technique based on affection as a reinforcer.

These are the main topics that will be covered in detail throughout the course and there will be some “homework” through the course as well to help you understand and put them in practice.

All the students will have access to modules but only Premium students are able to get my full support throughout the course, including Q&A and my feedback on “homework” provided.

I hope to see you soon!

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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