Catja B. Pedersen
Catja B. Pedersen

WYW – What you wish!

Tailored to your needs!

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1 March 2020


This is the course for you, if you have very specific behaviors you want to work on, and want to dedicate time to getting it perfect it.

Since there, after a lot of the courses, has been requests for one-to-ones, I decided to create this course, as  the online version of that.

This is your chance to get 6 weeks of feedback on your videos, without it being within in certain limits. The sky is the limit here, and the only criteria for me to help you, is that you are using positive reinforcement.

You tell me what behavior your are aiming for, and how it looks, and I will help you get there.

Here, there will be information on

  • off cue behaviors
  • fluency
  • cueing
  • backchaining
  • doggie-zen

We will not go very deep into many theoretical lessons in this course, as this is mainly for the practical purpose, and therefor this is not a suitable course for most auditors.

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