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If you can dream it (and your dog is physically able to) we can do it..

This is a good match for a course for you, if you have very specific behaviors you want to work on, and want to dedicate time to getting it perfect it. If you prefer to work on your “own thing”, rather than working on a fixed program.

This is where you sign up, if you already know exactly what you would like help with, but cant find the course that targets that.

Here, you can work with any behavior or exercise that you would like – as long as you can describe, what it should look like.

Since there, after a lot of the courses, has been requests for one-to-ones, I decided to create this course, as  the online version of that. – Its an ongoing opportunity to video and get feedback on the exercise, 6 days pr week.

This is your chance to get 6 weeks of feedback on your videos, without it being within in certain limits of prechosen behaviors or mandatory tasks. The sky is the limit here, and the only criteria for me to help you, is that you are using or willing to use positive reinforcement.

You tell me what behavior your are aiming for, and how it looks, and I will help you get there.

Therw will be fewer lessons in this course, as all the focus is on the work and how we get to the goal you have set.

However, there are a few lessons in there, just to make sure that you have also been through that.

In this course, there will be lessons with information on

  • off cue behaviors
  • fluency
  • cueing
  • backchaining
  • doggie-zen

We will not go very deep into many theoretical lessons in this course, as this is mainly for the practical purpose.

The focus is practical training and not a lot theoretical learning. Therefore  this course is mostly not a suitable course for auditors. The amount of content is mostly decided by the premiums participants, as it depends on how active they are. Therefor, auditors are welcome, but there are better options.

Remember, its your fantasy that decided what we work with.

I cant wat to hear, what your “unicorn” behavior is.

Catja x

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