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Shelly Wood

As a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training partner and a social worker, Shelly is passionate about helping humans and the dogs they live with experience their best possible lives.

Through her work as the owner of Shelly Wood Dog Training and Behavior, Shelly works with humans and the dogs they live with both in person, and remotely. She understands how stressful it can be to live with a dog who struggles around people or other dogs, or who doesn't understand what is expected at home, or in the world, but she also knows how rewarding it is to share the company of a well adjusted dog who knows how to maneuver the world in a way that works for all. Her work focuses on helping humans and the dogs they live with achieve their goals through the most enriching, least intrusive and most fun methods possible.

Shelly lives in Cape Girardeau, MO, in the U.S. with two dogs, Mija and Castor, and one cat, Wednesday. She enjoys spending time at home with them, hanging out in their backyard, exploring all the local trails and woods in the area, and of course, training! While all of their training is either "just for fun" or for general life skills, she is committed to clean training principles and clear communication.

Addicted to learning about all things behavior, and welfare related, Shelly is always furthering her education. She has completed numerous conferences, courses, and certification programs including KPA-CTP, Aggression in Dogs Master Class, Living and Learning With Animals,L.E.G.S.® Certified Family Dog Mediator, member of Animal Training Academy and podcast host of ATA Making Ripples show, and supporting member of IAABC. Shelly is currently pursuing a Masters degree with a focus on Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare at Virginia Tech.


01 Jul 2023
Wood Shelly Wood

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