Agnieszka Janarek

I am the founder of Tromplo. My academic background is in Applied Behavior Analysis. In my work, I want to build a bridge between science and practice. Teach my students to rely on the knowledge and how to apply it to practical scenarios. My goal is to clear the animal training world from myths, common sense, and instead give people reliable education based on scientific and ethical principles.
My courses at Tromplo focus on building independent trainers, teaching people essential skills to work with their animals.
My priority is always to give an animal choice, no matter what we do together.

Creating Tromplo is my dream come true; it is a place in the animal training community that I have always wanted to see. It's a safe space for all positive reinforcement trainers to learn from each other — a place where we apply current scientific methods to enhance learning among our students.

Before Tromplo, I have founded The First Polish Nosework Association, which has grown to be the largest scent sports organization in Poland. I am a caregiver of three rescued mixed breeds: Gacek, Gapcio, and Gunia.

I am currently working towards my Applied Behavior Analysis degree at Florida Institute of Technology.

Applied Behavior Analysis Florida Institute of Technology
Jagiellonian University Psychology Department: currently working on PhD: fearful behaviors in dogs
Master Degree from Law School in Jagiellonian University and Certificate of American Law Program Berkeley University of California (USA),
LLA- Leaving and Learning with Animals Certificate of Completion, Professor: Susan G. Friedman Ph.D
TAKL – Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence Course
Mantrailing International Instructor Course – Tromplo is the first Polish branch of Mantrailing International Andreas Ebert
CPCFT Certified Professional Caine Fitness Trainer by Debbie Gross
Founder of Polish Nosework Organization: Nosework Polska
Founder of Tromplo®
Licensed Polish Nosework Association Trainer and Judge
Teaching Seminars in Poland and abroad

Current courses