Aileen Stevenson

Aileen Stevenson

Aileen Stevenson is a Graduate and Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behaviour and a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Aileen is also Scotland's first, and currently only, Family Paws licensed educator, working to support and prepare families with dogs for life with children.

She is based in Glasgow, Scotland, where she specialises in family dog training and, in particular, helping families confidently and safely handle the challenges that dogs and children can bring. Aileen runs a full time training business, The Perfect Puppy Company, and offers both group clicker training classes and private one to one training.

She is passionate about working with dog owners to help them understand their dogs, and their dog’s behaviour, more deeply and so help them create safe, respectful, harmonious & mutually beneficial relationships. Aileen’s classes focus not only on teaching behaviours but also on introducing dog owners to the principles of learning and behaviour.

Like many trainers Aileen came to training as a result of having a dog with challenges. She started working with a positive reinforcement trainer to help her own dog and was instantly hooked on the power of positive reinforcement training and the huge impact it had on her dog and on their relationship. Aileen is fascinated by the theory underpinning the practical work we do with dogs and strives to continually test and expand her knowledge.

Aileen lives just outside Glasgow, Scotland with Charlie, a terrier cross and her family.

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