Alicja Uzarowska

Alicja Uzarowska

Passionate animal physiotherapist and dog sports geek, obsessed about evidence based medicine and training.

Dogs have always been present in my life, but the real adventure started 11 years ago, with my first border collie. A very difficult show-line girl, who turned out to be a really nice agility dog and a great teacher for me. With my next 5 dogs it did not get easier at all, but dog training already became my passion and a way of life.
Since then, together with my mother (dog sports is kind of our family thing!) with all our little companions we’ve tried many disciplines, from agility, and frisbee, through obedience to sheepdog trials, I’ve witnessed many different training approaches, but it was never enough. Making my dogs’ life better is one of my many hobbies, so I wanted to dig more!

Becoming an Animal Physiotherapist was a huge milestone. Not only was I able to take proper care after one of my dog's orthopedic surgery, but I can prevent future injuries. Also I’ve learned how important it is to prepare dogs for a specific type of activity they will perform. How to maintain the proper body condition, how often and how intense the training should be, and planning the whole year of sport activities. That’s when I started asking even more questions: How can we optimise the treatments and training? How do we even know if our methods are working? Diving deep into ABA and scientific approach gave me tools to choose the way that is the best for my dogs.

I believe that since we are responsible for our animals’ welfare, and we are making decisions about almost all aspects of their lives, our duty is to find and choose only the ethical and scientifically proven approach.
I must admit, finding and holding onto an objective source of knowledge is difficult, often disappointing, but, oh my, so fascinating. :) I’ve spent hours and hours digging into the research papers, discussing and searching for the most up-to-date informations. So let's jump together into the science hype-train!

Besides my dogs (and one cat!), I love art and video games, handcraft, gardening and my 5 spoiled chicken ladies that are living in my backyard. :)
On a day-to-day basis I work as a concept artist in the video games industry. In my part time job I am a sport dog physiotherapist. In both, I am aiming for perfection everyday, constantly learning new things. Sharing my knowledge with you will be a great pleasure. I can’t wait to meet you all!

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