Natashya Sheppard

Natashya Sheppard

Natashya Sheppard DipCABT, FdscCBT has been professionally working as a dog trainer and behaviourist for 10 years in the UK. She is passionate and determined to improve the lives of dogs and their families, through understanding and education.

Natashya is skilled in teaching humans how to understand and effectively work with their canine companions. Studying and working with dogs most of her adult life has provided her with a deep understanding of the topography of behaviour and it is something she loves to share. Natashya teaches through the observation of the individual and exploring their learning history, demonstrating kind and effective communication.

With a passion for ensuring learners are taught with minimal stress and offered choice and control, Natashya has a flair for successful relationship building. Teaching thousands of puppies and their humans has enhanced Natashya's skills in assisting new learners in an enriching, engaging and enabling manner.

A teacher who tailors each session towards the requirements of the individual, meeting their needs and ensures all that work with her learn how to do the same. Passionate about building successful relationships through understanding, compassion and communication.

Natashya offers a calm, supportive, honest, reinforcement and science based approach. Her adaptive nature thrives on working with many different types of owners and dogs. She is committed to continually expanding her knowledge, skills and understanding of behaviour analysis and training mechanics. This provides reassurance to those she works with that she strives to always provide the best she can.

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