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Ricardo Ministro

Ricardo Ministro

Ricardo Ministro: Dog Behaviourist and Trainer and Owner of Connected Behaviour

Ricardo started his professional path into dog behaviour and training in 2015 and have been successfully completing several courses and attending conferences and seminars within animal training and behaviour since then.
 At the moment, he holds an IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) certificate, OCN Level IV (RQF) in dog behaviour and training and several other attendance certificates within the field.

Ricardo’s main focus in relation to dogs’ care and training is all about Relationship and Trust and he truly believes that without these two stepping stones nothing else can be done.

He has been working with rescued dogs since the early times of his career and still occupies a major part of his time to help such dogs. 

Currently, Ricardo works in partnership with Staffie Smiles Rescue, an organisation focused on rescuing Staffordshire Bull Terrier’ dogs and other bully breeds from death row and unsafe conditions. By working with this organisation and others in the past, Ricardo developed a strong awareness of the impact a specific environment can have in a dog’s behaviour and he believes that with the proper approach and tools any dog can improve his behaviour.

He is also founder and owner of Connected Behaviour where he offers help to regular pet families who want to start off on the right foot or are looking to solve any behaviour problems they might find in their dogs.

Ricardo only uses positive approaches when caring and training dogs (and Humans) and neglects any type of fear or pain based approaches towards dogs, even if a dog’ behaviour problem appears to be out of his knowledge. Instead, Ricardo will immerse himself into researching for positive solutions from highly sought members of the animal training world like James O’Heare and Dr Susan Friedman.

Besides that, Ricardo is a lover of bully breeds, a passionate about behaviourism, an enthusiastic about clicker training for all animals, and an outdoor type of person who is always ready for a challenge.

He is currently based in Scotland, Uk but he’s an active traveller as well who finds highly important to learn from different people and cultures for a better perspective of life in general.

You can find more about Ricardo's approach and work at his website and also on his Facebook page by clicking on the buttons on the top of this page.

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