Ricardo Ministro

Ricardo Ministro

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

"I started my professional path into dog behaviour and training in 2015 and never stopped until today. This is a topic that I am fascinated about and there is always so much more to learn. For that reason, I keep attending conferences and seminars and I am always looking to sign up for courses which will bring more value to my work.
At the moment, I hold an OCN Level IV (RQF) certificate in dog behaviour and training provided by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

My main focus when working with Humans and Dogs is their Relationship and the Trust between each other. I think that without these two, we cannot achieve much no matter what we do.

A big part of my work is done with rescued dogs, mainly bully breeds.
Currently, I work in partnership with Staffie Smiles Rescue, an organisation focused on rescuing Staffordshire Bull Terrier’ dogs and other bully breeds from death row.
By working with this organisation and others in the past, I have developed a strong awareness of the impact a specific environment can have in a dog’s behaviour and I also understood how much a dog can improve if we apply the right approach and methods.

Besides my work with Staffie Smiles Rescue, I run my own business where I offer help to regular pet families who want to start off on the right foot or are looking to solve any behaviour problems they might find in their dogs.

All my work is based on positive methods and I am totally against any type of fear or pain-based approaches towards dogs. I really believe that such approaches are highly damaging for the relationship between humans and dogs and broken relationships can and are many times the source for many other problematic behaviours we see in dogs.

Besides the work I do, I can say that I am a lover of bully breeds, a passionate about behaviourism, an addict of clicker training, and spending time with Dogs is still one of my biggest pleasures even outside of my work schedule.

You can find more about myself and the work I do at my website and also on my Facebook page by clicking on the buttons on the top of this page."

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