Saara Uljas

Saara Uljas

My first goal in dog training is that everyone - dog AND handler - are having fun. I believe that ethical, science and consent based training actually is the best way to truly enjoy training. When everybody has a feeling of control and a freedom to participate, training is based on rewards and it is planned carefully, the dog loves to learn efficiently and the human feels good. It is vital that the human part of team has a feeling of succes, so that the human learning is also efficient.

These three things - ethic, science and consent- lead to finding solutions to every situation, such as dog-human relationship, behavioral issues or dog sport arousal levels. I love breaking behaviors into small pieces and training details. I also find very important to read each dog carefully and plan the training for each individual.

I specialize in herding breeds and finding solutions to situations where we see herding behaviors and other related behaviors occur in non-desirable times and places. It is a fairly common issue and creates stress to both dog and owner. Fortunately, there are a lot of things we can do to help the dog to cope with the environment by teaching new skills and taking care of the overall wellbeing of these amazing dogs.

I love different dog sports and have competed in nose work, obedience, rally-o and heelwork to music. In my mind, competition and ethical training go beatifully hand in hand. Focusing on the basics and teaching a vast variation of skills to both member of the team is my passion.

I love learning more and participate regularly in international seminars, read a lot, and most of all - train my own dogs. I am the first Certified Control Unleashed Instructor CCUI in Finland. I teach all mentioned above in Turku Finland at Pawsiteam dog training centre and trough my own training business Lystitassun (Merry Paws'). Trough Tromplo I have this amazing opportunity to share my passion for training in English.

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