Dog Training


Published by: Ricardo Ministro

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

In our world, there are several approaches to Dog Training and also several ways to get Dogs to behave in specific ways under specific events.

Although, the way I see Dog Training is all about the Relationship between Humans and Dogs.

I truly believe that Humans and Dogs must have a deep Relationship to share and enjoy life together.

I also truly believe that many behavioural problems we see in Dogs are originated by unstable, unsafe or mistrustful Relationships that Dogs have with their Human family.

And in my perspective, proper improvements are not possible without a stable and positive Relationship in the first place.

By focusing on creating deep relationships between Humans and Dogs, we will “open all the doors” we need to solve the majority of behaviour problems we see in Dogs and at the same time improve the quality of life for both Dogs and Humans.

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