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1. Five Things You Can Look Into To Improve Your Training Session Training animals is not magic. It is science-based knowledge combined with hours of practical training.  There are a few essential […]
My dog don't want to play Introduction to toy play There is plenty of information about tugging. Strategies, move from right to left, back off, let […]
3. How To Choose A Good Dog Trainer

How to choose a good dog trainer

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
Time for training! But how to choose a good trainer? More and more dog handlers decide to start training. When […]
Tromplo 1 Zdj. My Puppy Is Scared Of People

My puppy is scared of people

Published by Mikolaj Synowiec
I’ve chosen this topic not just because it might help some people. I’m actually struggling with it myself. My little […]
how to stop my dog

My name is No

Published by Lisa Longo
“My name is no ! Or anyway, that’s how my owners call me. ” In some households, this word is […]
dog English version: https://tromplo.com/material/taking-a-closer-look-mindset-matters-when-it-comes-to-impulse-control/ Jedne z najbardziej wnikliwych słów jakie usłyszałam od Kay Laurence, to że jako trenerzy bazujący w swojej […]
Brown Dog Running On The Grass Within an animal’s life, sequences of events from conception to death, influence and develop the individual physically & mentally.  During […]
agressive puppy

How to Deal With an Aggressive Puppy?

Published by Karen Backhouse
Identifying aggression from mouthing or play is not always easy for a puppy owner.  Whilst it is unusual to see […]

Tromplo Birthday!

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
On February 19th we celebrated Tromplo’s 1st birthday! We are delighted to have you all as our students, thank you […]

Tromplo Team in Seattle, USA

Published by Agnieszka Janarek
Large group of Tromplo Instructors joined ClickerExpo in Seattle, USA! It was a great time for us to get a […]