Dog trainer
Mikolaj Synowiec

Mikolaj Synowiec

I work with dogs for a few years. I actively attend seminars, read, practice alone and with my dog, on top of that I am a level two judge. Why am I doing it? Because it makes me happy. I can't imagine my life without Dogfrisbee. My goal is to raise this sport to the next level.
I believe that the most important thing in training is to have fun. It's not about a dog or handler it's about a team. If only one of you is really playing then it doesn’t have a future because why do we started training? For titles or fun?
In the beginning frisbee was for me just “something what looks cool”. I gave it a try. Time went by and I didn’t even realis when it became my passion. Now I can’t imagine my life without Dogfrisbee. I spend vast majority of my day on watching, practising and analysing freestyles. The foundations of my knowledge are theory and behavioral analysis. Unfortunately the usedge of science in Dogfrisbee world is still lacking and most of things are based only on experience. I see in science potential for development, something which will help me achieve my goals. I want to combine theory, practice and experience to not only be aware of what is happening but also why is it happening.

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