TROMPLO online webinars for dog and other animals training

Our dog training webinars are 90 minutes long, live web-classes with our instructors. You can attend in real-time, or you can watch a recording that stays in your library for one year from the day you purchased the webinar.

Why you should join our animal training webinars?

Animal training webinars give you access to the current information from world-renowned experts! Our instructors are life-long learners, and they travel, study all over the world to bring this knowledge straight up to you!
When you win in real-time, you get to ask as many questions as you wish, and you will get answers very quickly. But don’t worry if the time of the webinar doesn’t work for you. We know how hard it is, especially when we all live in different time-zones — that is why our animal training webinars are recorded, and you can watch them at the most convenient time for you. You can return to the webinar at any time for over a year after you bought it.

Professional webinars everywhere you are

Our webinars for dogs and other animals are easily accessible from all around the world. You just need to click on the link you receive after registration. There is no need to download social software. The only thing you need is your phone, computer, tablet with internet access.

Each attendee gets a certificate of attendance after watching the webinar and 2 points for our loyalty program!

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There are no upcoming webinars at this moment